A TpT Teacher Spotlight on Ashliegh Lowe, a high school ELA teacher at Tohopekaliga High School.

We have a community of dedicated educators who use TpT resources as a tool to solve the unique instructional challenges they face. Meet Ashliegh Lowe, a high school ELA teacher who is using TpT resources to keep her students motivated and eager to learn.


High school ELA teacher Ashliegh Lowe poses in front of her desk in her classroom.Title: ELA Teacher
Location: Kissimmee, FL
Teaches At: Tohopekaliga High School
Teaching Experience: 6 years

Goal you’re working toward…
Helping my seniors walk across that stage in just a few months and helping them with their (BIG) post-high school decisions/plans.

Best advice you ever received…
Shut the door and teach your students the best way you know how.


“THIS YEAR IS MY SIXTH YEAR TEACHING and I changed things up big time this year! For the past five years, I’ve been teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade. It was my safe space and I loved it. I had all the resources saved, prepped, and ready to go each year. This year, however, I left my comfort zone of teaching the littles and started teaching high school juniors and seniors.”


“THE SCHOOL I WORK AT NOW is a brand new, state-of-the-art STEAM high school. It has a CTE program with 12 different college pathways that the students can follow. By the time they graduate, many of them can obtain certification in what they’ve been studying in. Our student population is predominantly Hispanic and African-American, and the county that we’re located in took in a lot of new students from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.”

“ONE OF THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCES I’VE FOUND between teaching elementary school versus high school is that I’ve really had to try a lot harder to motivate and encourage my students to work. Little kids are eager to please, which gives them a more motivated mindset. But now, I’m trying really hard to not only motivate my students to do the work but also to want to do it. That’s where I’ve been relying on TpT to help me.”


“AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, I was feeling all sorts of anxious and unsure about making this transition. For resources, I was given some textbooks and a few worksheets, and I knew instantly that this was not going to cut it. I needed more activities to keep my students engaged and actively participating.”

“THANKS TO TPT AND ALL THE FABULOUS TPT TEACHER-AUTHORS I’ve been following, I was able to get my hands on tons of amazing resources for my English classes! My students have been participating in escape rooms, stations, and building college portfolios. The resources I found on TpT gave my students the opportunity to learn in an exciting, hands-on way, and allowed them to explore and interact with the content in a variety of ways.”


“MY STUDENTS ARE NO LONGER BORED with the task of reading and answering questions all day, every day. Instead, they are actively engaged with the material through stations, escape rooms, annotations, and collaborative discussions with their peers! I can’t say enough about all the amazing resources from TpT that have brought excitement and whole class participation to my room. With these resources, I feel more confident in my abilities to successfully teach my new high school students in engaging ways.”


We’re never more inspired than when educators tell us about the things they’re doing in the classroom with TpT resources. So, we’d love to hear: how have TpT resources helped you succeed? Share your story here.