March may be winding down, but these 8 impressive Teacher-Authors who’ve achieved recent milestones continue to ramp up and create fantastic resources!

Meet 8 More March Milestone Teachers

Kelley Dolling - Teacher Idea Factory: March Milestone Teachers

1. From California it’s Kelley Dolling – Teacher Idea Factory

Try her: Good Morning Work – Math – April (1st Grade)

Her tip: “Morning work that targets the same 5-6 standards for multiple days in a row allows students to be more independent and it gives you additional time to deal with the morning chaos.”


Michelle Tomaszewski: March Milestone Teachers

 2. Introducing New Jersey’s Michelle Tomaszewski

Try her: Reading Response Activities {Graphic Organizers Galore!}

Her tip: “In order for our students to become better readers, it is important that they respond to the text they’re reading not only orally, but in written form. This helpful pack is full of 90 differentiated graphic organizers and other fun ideas to make reading more meaningful.”


Cap'n Pete's Place: March Milestone Teachers

3.  Pete Charrette from Georgia runs Cap’n Pete’s Place

Try his: Field Day Combo Packet- Comprehensive Plan and 50 Event Pack

His tip: “The sun is out and FIELD DAY will be here before you know it! My highlighted milestone product is a combination of 2 of my best selling field day resources which includes: 1) Field Day Plan – ‘Surf’s Up’ and 2) Fired up Field Day! – 50 Fun Events. Together, these products help you build a yearly Field Day program that has a top notch structure with the flexibility to change out events year after year, keeping things fresh, new, and exciting every spring.”


Love to Learn: March Milestone Teachers

4.  Introducing Love to Learn

Try her: Reading Comprehension Printables for any Picture Book

Her tip: “Teach and assess reading comprehension strategies with these 20 printables. Covering topics such as predicting, connecting, inferring (and more!), these printables can be used throughout the school year — with any picture book — to help students increase their reading comprehension.”


Rosa Mauer: March Milestone Teachers

5.  From Iowa, it’s Rosa Mauer

Try her: Character Traits

Her tip: “Understanding the various traits of characters is a vital component of reading comprehension. In this task card set, students are encouraged to review identification of character traits. Try this easy-to-use product to review skills or to assess progress.”


Fonts4Teachers: March Milestone Teachers

6.  California’s Ramon Abajo runs Fonts4Teachers

Try his: Fonts 4 Teachers Deluxe (Download Only)

His tip: “57 best school fonts for teachers and parents. Generate hundreds of worksheets for kids to practice handwriting, spelling, or penmanship at school. Trace dots, lines, and arrows or a combination of all.”


Literary Sherri: March Milestone Teachers

7.  Sherri Tyler from New York is Literary Sherri

Try her: Reading Response Journal for Literature Circles or Independent Reading Novels

Her tip: “I frequently remind students that reading is thinking! My ‘Reading Response Journal’ allows students to record and share evidence of their thinking, setting them up for more successful reading. This journal can be used beautifully with whole-class novel studies, small-group literature circles, or independent reading novels. Journal pages are packed with engaging questions that prompt critical thinking, inferencing, predicting, visualizing, comparing and contrasting, vocabulary study, independent research, and the identification of protagonists, antagonists, point of view, author’s craft, themes, and more! Best of all, allowing students a choice of prompts to which they can respond differentiates this product and allows you to use it over and over again without boring your students.”


tarheelstate teacher: March Milestone Teachers

8. Tammy Russell from North Carolina is tarheelstate teacher

Try her: Summer Slide Back to School Review 5th Number Operations, Fractions, Measurement

Her tip: “I love connecting math to the real-world as much as possible! We used the Summer Slide task cards at the beginning of the year as a pre-assessment. It allowed us to hold on to summer for a few weeks longer with summer-themed questions geared toward the beach, cookouts, and summer trips. Now, you can use these Summer Slide task cards to get kids excited about summer while also reviewing key math concepts. If your students don’t get to travel far, this is the next best thing! And as we wind down the year, who doesn’t want to think about summer during our end-of-year review? To make it even more fun, you could turn your room into a beach theme during the week you use these 56 review task cards. Have students dress in Hawaiian shirts and cool shades. Encourage them to bring in beach towels, too, so they can work around the room!”


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