“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” Anne of Green Gables said in L. M. Montgomery’s classic novel, and we couldn’t agree more. In addition to crisp apples, toasty pumpkin seeds, and costume parades, October has brought a bounty of milestone achievers.

Let’s put our hands together for these 14 dedicated Teacher-Authors who recently reached a TpT milestone. They have wonderful resources to share, including interactive notebooks as well as tools for teaching science, social studies, economics, ELA, and math. Whether they’re thinking through big ideas or the small details that make their resources sing, these educators are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

14 Magnificent October Milestones


1. Ariane Huddleston from Austin, TX is The Science Penguin

Try her: Science Challenges: Part 1

Her tip: “This resource includes 10 projects that will wow your high-achieving science students who are ready to move beyond the basics. Students will create, build, research, experiment, and design. What an awesome way to differentiate for the advanced learners in your class!”



2. Super job, Shannon Lisowe of Wisconsin — she’s Speechy Musings

Try her: Interactive Book Attachments Bundle for Popular Children’s Picture Books

Her tip: “So many children have a hard time focusing when reading books. This product keeps their hands busy, all while engaging them and allowing them to understand the story line better! It helps them describe what is happening in the book and answer those important ‘wh’ questions for tons of popular children’s books!”



3. Dana from Georgia is 3rd Grade Gridiron

Try her: Economics and Me – 3rd Grade

Her tip: “Make teaching Econ fun! I incorporated colorful and informational anchor charts, small group, whole group, and independent activities that make teaching and learning about Economics more fun!”



4. Cheryl Saoud is Primary Graffiti — great job

Try her: Interactive Social Studies Journals {K-2}

Her tip: “The purpose behind these interactive notebooks is to provide organization and assist young learners in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, notes, graphic organizers, and reflections. Overall, interactive notebooking is one of many important components to promote student learning!”



5. Tremendous teamwork, Tamra and Sarah — they’re First Grade Buddies

Try their: First Grade Homework Shape Up {Weekly CC Aligned Homework for Reading and Math}

Their tip: “Our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Weekly Homework Packets have been a big success in our classrooms and a hit among other teachers! We created these ‘booklets’ to include everything the child needs for the week. Each booklet includes a mixed math review, differentiated reading passage, comprehension check, and language practice. Administration, teachers, and parents alike feel this comprehensive resource is a valuable tool. Administration recognizes that the homework booklets yield positive assessment results. Teachers appreciate the fact that each week’s homework is concise and consistent, making homework prep a minimal task. They also love that it’s differentiated; three reading levels in each of the three grade levels offers a very large range from which to choose. Parents find the task of nightly homework less daunting because of the consistency of this resource. They see the flexibility of completing weekly homework based on their own schedule as a big plus.”



6. Congratulations, MathyCathy — AKA Cathy Yenca from Austin, TX

Try her: QR Code “Find ‘N Fix” Algebra Error Analysis Bundle – Students “Grade” Papers!

Her tip: “Promote student reflection through this error-analysis bundle! QR codes provide students with instant feedback and hints as they ‘grade’ these papers. The mathematical work was done by ‘other students’, which adds a fun, authentic twist!”



7. Applause for Alicia in Texas — she’s Elementary Ali

Try her: Interactive Science Notebook: Force, Motion, Matter, and Energy (STAAR)

Her tip: “Interactive notebooks are a great way for students to learn and process new information!”



8. A warm welcome to Janine in California — Miss Campos

Try her: Sight Word Practice Pages : (Set Four)

Her tip: “Students read, write, highlight, circle, and sort 5-letter sight words typed in different tricky fonts from Fry’s and Dolch word lists. There are 42 total words across 42 pages.”



9. From Spicewood, Texas it’s Judith M Darling – Razzle Dazzle Learning

Try her: CC Aligned – Interactive Writing Notebook Grades 6 – 8

Her tip: “Students enjoy being independent learners when they do the lessons in my Interactive Writing Notebook. It, like all of my language arts products, takes the stress out of writing and conventions by providing step-by-step guides and rubrics that allow students to write without fear of failure. The added bonus for teachers is that their essay grading work load is significantly reduced.”



10. Bravo, Brooke Beverly from Massachusetts

Try her: Listening Center Task Cards and Reading Response Activities

Her tip: “Teaching: the best job we all could ever have! I’m so happy to share a resource with you that can be used with any listening center story. There are 30 different listening center activities and student response sheets that can be printed and ready to go in minutes. Add a twist to your listening center today!”



11. Hello Jennifer Jasewicz of Auburn, New York — she’s Elementary School Garden

Try her: Word Problem Spooky Sort – Add, Subtract, Estimate Sums, Estimate Differences

Her tip: “Jazz up math word problem practice with activities like my Spooky Sort. Students sort the word problem task cards into categories based on operation and then solve! These are perfect for adding a little spooky excitement to your math block!”



12. Nicely done, Lessons4Now

Try her: Scrambled Paragraphs 4-in-1 BUNDLE Activity Packets

Her tip: “My students use hand signals for everyday requests such as getting a pencil, tissue, or drink of water. That way, I can respond quickly and silently, without interrupting instruction.”



13. Dynamite job, Diana Gillam of Murrieta, CA —  Algebra4All

Try her: Algebra: Points as Solutions – Common Core Cooperative Learning Activity

Her tip: “My favorite products are the ones that help great teachers facilitate great learning! This puzzle activity is one of my favorite cooperative learning activities for helping students learn to recognize solutions to a linear equation. In this activity, students work in groups of four; they sort through 36 coordinate pairs to find the nine that go with each of four different linear equations. Each group member is responsible for finding the solutions to just one of the linear equations mathematically and then graphing his or her solution. Upon graphing, students will quickly recognize errors and then must work together to exchange coordinates until each of the four graphs are correct. The activity also includes a follow-up worksheet for groups that finish quickly. I used this activity once for an observation lesson, and my administrator loved it!”



14. Just fabulous, Jessica – Littlest Scholars

Try her: Teach Me Sight Words: Pre-Primer Volume I [Printables & Audio]

Her tip: “Use Teach Me Sight Words Interactive Listening Center in your class to provide your students with purposeful practice for sight word automaticity. Students hear the words being read and spelled at least 26 times — what a way to build mastery!”


Magnificent October milestones indeed — you won’t want to miss the fantastic resources they’re showcasing. And in honor of Halloween next week, check out our spooktacular post full of ghoulish resources. Be safe and stay warm!