Why do we celebrate TpT milestone success stories? Well, there are three main reasons:

  1. We always love to give our TpT Teacher-Authors a moment to shine.
  2. We think this is a great way to bring sellers to your attention who might be a perfect fit for you to follow.
  3. These milestone success stories inspire us. We hope they inspire you, too. If you’re thinking about becoming a seller or you’re getting established, here’s proof that it can happen. It isn’t overnight and there’s a whole lot of hard work involved in getting there, but these 10 sellers who achieved milestone success are educators just like you.

$75,000 TpT Milestone Success

Math Mojo - Milestone Success
Math Mojo

1.  Alexis Sergi of Math Mojo hails from Parrish, Florida.

Alexis says, “My classroom is a whirlwind of teaching, reteaching, enrichment, and remediation. I use task cards to do all those things and more! They are my go to resource for math.”

Check out her Common Core 4th Grade Math Task Cards Mega Bundle – All Domains and Standards.


Kindergarten Kiosk - Milestone Success
Kindergarten Kiosk

2.  Utah’s very own Kathy Crane runs Kindergarten Kiosk.

Don’t miss her Fall Unit: Thematic Common Core Curricular Essentials. She says, “The goal of Kindergarten Kiosk is to provide tried and true, developmental appropriate products to help empower early learners! Here is but one of our 50 complete thematic units. All of our products are strategically linked to Common Core Standards.”


Literacy and Math Ideas - Milestone Success
Literacy and Math Ideas

3. Aaron Robinson from Illinois runs Literacy and Math Ideas and has Daily Common Core Reading Practice activities and assessments across most grade levels.

Aaron says this resource “is designed to enable teachers to review the Common Core Reading Standards in five minutes each day. We also specialize in self-teaching activity cards that come with printable boxes. The activity cards were created to help students work independently,  learn about the Common Core Standards, and practice them too.”

$20,000 TpT Milestone Success


Kidsrcute - Milestone Success

4.  Jeannine Moriconi comes to us from Michigan and runs Kidsrcute.

She offers her spectacular Reading Comprehension Companion-Common Core Standards-Based and says, “I like to focus on teaching one specific strategy at a time in the form of mini-lessons using books I know my class will enjoy! When planning, I take a look at my checklist and pull activities from my best-selling Reading Comprehension Companion to use before, during or after reading. That way, I am sure to cover the CCSS!”


247 Teacher - Milestone Success
247 Teacher

5.  Direct from Sunny Florida, 247 Teacher serves up a Common Core Text Evidence Bundle of 2 for Close Reading, Homework & Assessments.

247 Teacher says kids love it and “this unit can serve multiple purposes: With over 100 Passages you have TWO years worth of homework. You can also use it for Assessing Common Core Standards because ALL of the Text Dependent Questions are aligned. It’s ideal to be utilized for Close Reading and Text Coding during Science, Social Studies, and of course during your ELA Block.”


Sue Summers - Milestone Success
Sue Summers

6.  Sue Summers from Wisconsin says, “I like to create a fun, colorful classroom environment that provides visual tools for student success. This packet of 124 Spanish classroom signs includes all the basics needed to encourage students to participate enthusiastically and become more confident in their speaking, reading and writing abilities.” Super duper!

Check out her Spanish Classroom Signs & PowerPoint – Countries, Grammar, Etc. 124 Slides!


Kristin Smith - Milestone Success
Kristin Smith

7.  From the Lone Star State (that’s Texas Y’all), comes Kristin Smith.

Kristin points to A Science Unit on Making Predictions and says, “I’ve found that integrating science into all aspects of my classroom, not only helps students with their science knowledge, but also increases student interest and engagement, and helps develop their critical thinking skills. I’ve created many products to help teachers make science engaging and easy for them to teach!”


Copeland's Got Class in 3rd
Copeland’s Got Class in 3rd

8.  Kristyn Copeland is the force behind Copelands Got Class in 3rd. She highlights her Monsterous Adjectives Craftivity & Writing. Kristyn says, “This is a fun lesson plan and craftivity that incorporates language arts, writing, reading, and art! Students get to practice identifying adjectives while reading a fun book, and then apply their knowledge through a fun writing and craftivity.”


Nicole Rios - Milestone Success
Niocle Rios

9.  Nicole Rios runs her self named store and comes to us from California.

Nicole shares her Getting to Know You Activity Pack packed full of what else? Activities! Nicole says, “This product is my store’s best seller, and my personal favorite. Beginning of the year is all about creating that environment where everyone can feel safe and learn. I like to do a lot of activities that get kids thinking, speaking, and writing about their actions, and how they impact the classroom community. This time investment pays off big for the rest of the year.”


Fourth and Ten
Fourth and Ten

10.  Lisa, from Ohio, runs Fourth and Ten and has a great tip for keeping students engaged in weekly spelling homework. She offers her Spelling Contracts Throughout the Year and says “My students love that the activities change each month and they really appreciate the level of choice that is involved in their weekly spelling homework.  Try to incorporate cooperative learning activities in your classroom as much as possible.  It’s a win-win situation.”  Way to go!