Heavens to Murgatroyd, TpT Teacher-Authors are a talented bunch! I’m simply blown away by all of the great ideas and advice that can be found on our TpT member blogs. I’ll waste no time getting to the good stuff—here goes.


Young Teacher Love

  • Hats off to Miss Nannini of Young Teacher Love for diving headfirst into standards based grading. In this blog post, she explains the difference between standards based grading vs the “typical” scale and gives a delicious analogy of what those levels should look like. Does this woman sleep?!


Lucky To Be In First

  • Molly Lynch has an idea that will be music listening center stories to your (kiddos’) ears! In this post on Lucky to Be in First she explains how to convert old cassette tape listening centers into iPod listening centers (brilliant idea to ask the parents to donate old iPhones!).


Second Story Window

  • The ladies of Second Story Window have “Chunk Spelling” down to a science and offer up some great ideas for how to make spelling lists both meaningful and fun. Be sure to check out their fabulous products while you’re at it!


Growing Firsties

  • Fun and FREEBIES are to be found in this post from Growing Firsties. Lisa’s got a huge heart for the kiddos and a joie de vivre that comes through in both her blog and TpT products.


FallingIntoFirst 2

  • And I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but it’s worth mentioning again how timely and spot on these First Year Teaching Tips truly are! Plus you get to see a fun pic of Stephanie Stewart in her first year of teaching.