September brings the Autumnal Equinox, but these terrific Teacher-Authors are equal to none! Let’s welcome our newest round of milestone achievers and celebrate the upcoming change of the season.

13 Milestone Achievers Step Into September


Jennifer Findley

1. Please Welcome Georgia’s Jennifer Findley

Try her: Common Core Weekly Reading Homework Review {Complete Set: 36 Texts}

Her tip: “Finding quality reading homework shouldn’t be time-consuming for the teacher. In order to have meaningful homework that’s interesting, rigorous, and well-aligned to the Common Core Standards, I created an all-inclusive Common Core Weekly Reading Homework Review for grade 3 and grades 4/5. These in-depth resources contain 36 complete texts with daily assignments to help students interact with and practice close reading of a text. Common Core alignment and answers are included to make this practical for the classroom.”


Krystin McGahan

2. From Illinois — Introducing Krystin McGahan

Try her: Guided Reading BUNDLE

Her tip: “Whether you’re a guided reading newbie or a seasoned vet, this bundle has something for you! Guided reading is an awesome way to meet every student at his or her instructional level while getting in some intimate small group teaching time, too. Use this guided reading resource to help organize, plan, and run your guided reading sessions. This bundle includes a wealth of ideas, printables, and tools to help make guided reading even more meaningful and engaging. Kids will be begging to come to the guided reading table!”


Mrs Wheeler

3. Meet Megan Wheeler from Ohio — Mrs Wheeler

Try her: Chunking Words Phonics Pack

Her tip: “Recognizing word parts helps students become more skilled at decoding. My ‘Chunking Words Phonics Pack’ is a fantastic way to teach emerging readers word parts — 34 of the most common word parts are included, with posters and activities for each!”



4. It’s Gladys Appleton From Texas — She’s TeachingInHighHeels

Try her: Close Reading for Little Learners {Nursery Rhyme Edition}

Her tip: “Close Reading for Little Learners (Nursery Rhyme Edition) is a unit to help our youngest readers practice the important skill of close reading. The idea is to ask even our newest readers to think carefully about their reading and encourage quality reading comprehension. It’s also a great way to bring in the classic nursery rhymes. This unit helps our little learners look for story structure patterns, new vocabulary, key details, author’s purpose, and inferential meanings… all while learning those precious nursery rhymes!”


Middle School Novel Units

5. Meet Middle School Novel Units

Try her: Hatchet Complete Literature and Grammar Unit

Her tip: “Use this combined literature and grammar unit in your classroom while reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. It contains everything you need to teach the novel!”


Little Lovely Leaders

6. Hello Little Lovely Leaders’ Bridget Pearsall from Florida

Try her: EDITABLE Teacher Binder in Rainbow Chevron

Her tip: “As teachers, we have so much to do all of the time, and many of us feel as though we can’t ‘leave our work at work.’ Having a teacher binder that you can fit to your needs will help you stay organized so that you can save time throughout the day. Everything will have its place, and it will all be there when you need it! If you’re in a hurry to go to a meeting, just grab your binder. I have not gone through a single day without my teacher binder! Teacher binders represent me and my store best because I started my store with a teacher binder three years ago. I feel that being organized can really simplify your life as a teacher… as well as help you leave your stress behind!”


Time-Saving Teaching Solutions

7. It’s Elizabeth Williams From Kentucky — Time-Saving Teaching Solutions

Try her: CCSS Assessment Bank ELA -Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language Grade 1

Her tip: “This assessment bank contains over 100 assessments aligned to the CCSS in the areas of writing, speaking and listening, and language for 1st grade. There are multiple forms of the assessments, which allow for pre-testing, progress monitoring, and post-testing once instruction has been completed.”


A Spoonful of Learning

8. Say Hello to Kansas’ Jaime Miller — She Runs A Spoonful of Learning

Try her: Kindergarten Homework BUNDLE – Aligned to CC (English Only)

Her tip: “Our weeks are quickly filled with classroom and teaching preparation. Having to add homework preparation on top of that can get quite overwhelming — time to be underwhelmed! My Homework Bundle includes hands-on, engaging, and fun math and literacy activities that will continue your students’ growth in learning at home. Each month is broken down and organized into weekly packets. There are 39 weekly packets that are ready for you to use for the entire school year. Detailed instructions are included for easy understanding of the homework packets for at-home use, which will result in more completed homework and more excitement about homework! The homework packets have been strategically aligned to cover most (if not all) of the Common Core standards for kindergarten. Not only is this a HUGE time saver for you; it’s a highly effective homework system that you can use year after year!”


Mrs Beatties Classroom

9. Please Welcome Erin from Ontario, Canada — she runs Mrs Beattie’s Classroom

Try her: “Good Readers” Comprehension Strategies Mini Books

Her tip: “I work through the instructional mini books from this ‘Good Readers’ resource with my students during whole-class or small-group lessons, covering all the reading comprehension strategies. I can then provide the children with an opportunity to extend their learning to new contexts with the practice mini books, which can be used with any text! The accompanying pockets make them the perfect addition to interactive notebooks!”


bethany ray

10. Big Welcome to Byron, Georgia’s bethany ray

Try her: American Folk Heroes and Tall Tales

Her tip: “This product includes a variety of resources to teach your 1st grade students all about American folk heroes and tall tales. It includes an integration of reading, writing, social studies, and math with about a month’s worth of passages for close reading, comprehension assessments, writing informational reports, and word problems for each folk hero and tall tale!”


Melissa Goddard

11. Make Some Noise For Kentucky’s Melissa Goddard

Try her: Writing, 6+1 Writing Traits, lesson plan, printables, students pages, and more!

Her tip: “Hold onto your seats because you have found over 230 pages of writing that includes: 6+1 writing traits, Fry words, lesson plans, activities, tons of student printable pages — and so much more! This packet was created to assist you in teaching the six writing traits: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, student fluency, conventions, and presentation. Each area comes with teacher instructions, student activity pages, lesson plans, and much more!”



12. Liz Pledger from Dallas, Texas is TheHappyTeacher

Try her: Guided Reading Question Cards

Her tip: “When I’m working with my guided reading groups, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with higher level thinking questions on the spot. To help combat this problem, I created two sets of cards to help me ask critical thinking questions on the fly: a set of fiction cards and a set of nonfiction cards. I also color-coded the cards so I can see which questions to ask before reading, during reading, and after reading. These question cards have been a lifesaver, and I know I’m doing a better job challenging my students because of the questions I’m asking during guided reading. My students also love asking their peers these HOT questions!”


Gabby's Classroom

13. Gabby Barba from California Runs Gabby’s Classrooms

Try her: Rainbow Chevron Teacher Binder & Planner {Editable!}

Her tip: “It’s so important to stay organized throughout the school year. My Teacher Binder and Planner will definitely help with that. It includes over 450 pages to create the perfect binder to suit your needs, and it comes in 20 different designs. There are tons and tons of useful covers, inserts, forms, and planning sheets, plus they’re editable! Save time and money with this super easy-to-use organizational tool.”


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