We’re rocking and a-rolling! Mid September Milestone Mania continues as we rock through the month and roll out the achievements. Here are 14 more milestone achievers to keep the beat:

$75,000 TpT Milestone Achiever

Christina Bainbridge: Mid September Milestone Mania

1.  Christina Bainbridge from Centerville Michigan currently teaches 3rd grade reading and loves it!

Of her Homework Club {Homework Motivation Pack}, Christina says, “I believe that students can be responsible for their learning. Using a monthly homework club motivates students to take ownership of the responsibility of homework… and who doesn’t love being invited to an exclusive club?!”


$20,000 TpT Milestone Achievers

The Printable Princess: Mid September Milestone Mania

2.  The Printable Princess is run by Melissa from Florida who offers A Dab of Learning {Bingo Dabber Letter & Number Recognition Activities}. Her tip? “It’s my priority to keep learning fun and engaging for my Kindergarten kiddos. My “Dab of Learning” activity pack keeps students both interested and entertained while using Bingo dabbers. This fun resource teaches little ones letters, sounds, numbers, and counting… plus it’s great for hand-eye coordination!”


Amanda Terhune: Mid September Milestone Mania

3.  Moore, Oklahoma is home to Amanda Terhune and her synonymous store.

Amanda suggests her First Grade Writing Unit of which she says, “My First Grade Writing Unit includes a variety of resources such as scripted mini-lessons, anchor chart ideas, writing outlines, posters, writing prompts, and much more to help your 1st graders become great writers!”


Buzz Into Kinder: Mid September Milestone Mania

4.  Buzz Into Kinder’s Carrie Sullivan comes to us from North Port, Florida.

Carrie suggests you try her Kindergarten Data Binders. Her tip? “This Kindergarten data binder pack is perfect to help track and monitor progress on the Common Core Standards. Students and parents are easily able to see the child’s strengths. I use this product during small group and parent conference time!”


Class of Kinders: Mid September Milestone Mania

5.  Class of Kinders is run by the Robin Harrington who’s been teaching kindergarten for 11 years. Robin hails from Florida and recommends her Kindergarten Common Core Number Strategy Posters: {Math Word Wall} because, “Common Core is in full swing in so many classrooms! These visually appealing, kid friendly number strategy posters are perfect for young students! Hang them on a math wall for students and teachers to refer to when modeling different ways to show numbers—an important Common Core standard in Kindergarten. The math tool sheet is helpful too! Just print and place in each student’s math journal for easy reference during math workshop time.” Smashing!


Angela Watson: Mid September Milestone Mania

6.  From Brooklyn, NY comes Angela Watson. Angela loves sharing ideas for creating a self-running classroom and suggests her Discussion Starters for Math Problem Solving: Questions for Critical Thinking of which she says, “I’ve organized over 150 questions into 14 cards you can use to facilitate conversations with and between students during math activities. Referencing the cards is an easy way to extend your feedback to students beyond just ‘good job’ so that you’re really pushing their thinking and helping them articulate their strategies.” Love it!


Vickie Plant: Mid September Milestone Mania

7.  Vickie Plant runs her self-named store out of Gordon, Alabama, but teaches in Florida.

Vickie advocates her Nifty Numbers {Common Core Activities for Numbers 1-20}, “Because CCSS require kindergarteners to really dive into numbers, we spend a week on each number, working on recognition and decomposing to make sure we know everything there is to know about that number. My Nifty Numbers pack is perfect for keeping kindergartners engaged as they work on mastering number concepts.” Bang up job!


Krista Mehrtens: Mid September Milestone Mania

8.  Krista Mehrtens has been teaching 3rd grade in Illinois for the past 15 years and loves it!

Krista’s pick? Her Biography Mega Pack – Research Investigations and Writing Unit. She says, “This product is a great supplement to any ELA and even social studies or science curriculum. This 47-page unit is packed with fun and engaging ways to teach your students about biographies and how to conduct a research project. It’s aligned with the Common Core Standards.” We love it!


spanishplans: Mid September Milestone Mania

9.  Spanishplans is run from the state of Illinois.

Spanishplans says, “My best advice for foreign language teachers is to teach IN the language, not about the language. Spice up your classroom with these fun superhero posters to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month featuring Mexico and Costa Rica.” Check out Spanishplans’ 3 Spanish Posters. Excelente!


CreateTeachShare: Mid September Milestone Mania

10. Rebecca Rojas runs her store, CreateTeachShare out of Simi Valley, California.

Rebecca has a 4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook – Operations & Algebraic Thinking she is rightfully proud of and says, “I love using Interactive Math Notebooks in my class to introduce and reinforce the concepts and skills that my students are learning. It helps me to break away from the mundane routine of my math curriculum, while giving my students a more hands-on approach.”


More Time 2 Teach: Mid September Milestone Mania

11. More Time 2 Teach out of Miami, Florida has Melissa Yglesias at the helm. Melissa says, “Taking some time in the beginning of the year to teach students the importance of science, the need to follow the scientific method, and the steps involved with using tools correctly, pave the way for a smoother year of exploration and learning.” She offers her Intro. To Science: {Includes the scientific method} to do just that. Great job!


The Primary Techie: Mid September Milestone Mania

12. Autumn Morrison is The Primary Techie and has 3 daughters she says help her be a better teacher.

Autumn’s Freeze Dance Skip Counting – Gangnam Style will get your class moving. She says, “Have a dance party with built-in ‘FREEZE’ breaks to practice skip counting! I also have a line of ‘Dolch Disco’ freeze dance videos! Let’s have more fun at school!”


Brenda Martin: Mid September Milestone Mania

13. Arvada, Colorado is home to Brenda Martin and her synonymous store. Brenda has a masters degree in curriculum and design and highlights her Language Review Week to Week (The Complete Set). Brenda suggests, “Aligned with the Common Core for grades 3-5, this set is a simple way to make sure your students are challenged with language skills. All you have to do is set up a bulletin board and change the cards each week. Answer key is included!”


DK Coleman: Mid September Milestone Mania

14. Donna Coleman runs DK Coleman out of Ontario Canada. Donna has a passion for the primary grades and recommends her Reading Fluency with One Breath Boxes – Fry Words 1-300 because, “These One Breath Boxes are a simple and fun tool for developing sight word fluency. Students love the challenge and they can work through them at their own pace. Options for classroom use include: Use as a reading center (reading buddies or word work), a guided reading warm-up, reading intervention activity or send them home for home practice. My 1st graders love them so much that they don’t even realize they’re working!”