Take a look at these 5 Merry Merry Milestone Achievers — and make a note that they’ll be featuring free(!) products next week on our TpT Facebook page.

December’s Merry Merry Milestone Achievers

The Printable Princess: Merry Merry Milestone Achievers
The Printable Princess

1. Melissa from Florida is The Printable Princess

Try her: Star Light, Star Bright! {Winter Literacy & Math Centers for Kindergarten}

Her tip: “Planning for centers can be a stressful job for teachers. It’s important to have activities that are meaningful, yet appropriate for students to complete independently. This winter-themed center packet features 24 literacy and math activities that are sure to make center time easier. All activities are Common Core aligned (with standards included), have kinder-friendly ‘I Can’ posters to keep students on task, and include a recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work.”


Hilary Lewis: Merry Merry Milestone Achievers
Hilary Lewis

2. Carmel, Indiana’s Hilary Lewis

Try her: Math Mystery Bundle Grade 2 and 3 – Case of the Scrambled New Year’s Snowman-CCSS

Her tip: “Reviewing math standards can be a bit hum-drum, but not with math mysteries! Kids just start reading at the beginning of the mystery, solve the math problems along the way, and go where the book tells them to go. If they answer correctly, the story continues. If they answer incorrectly, they get a ‘stopper’ that tells them to go back to where they were working, and TRY AGAIN! The books can be printed and used in page protectors, printed small in black and white for individual children, or even used on an electronic device. There are 10 different mysteries in all, for kids grades 1–4.”

And take a peek at Hilary’s brand new blog venture: Who’s Who and Who’s New. It looks very interesting and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

Science Teaching Junkie: Merry Merry Milestone Achievers
Science Teaching Junkie

3. Shayna from Texas — Science Teaching Junkie

Try her: Earth Science for Interactive Science Notebooks

Her tip: “It’s time to change things up and reinvigorate students’ interest in science. With this product, students can visually collect, categorize, and organize information in various Earth Science concepts. Students get extended practice with academic language (which is beneficial for ALL students, not just English-Language Learners) and have the opportunity to reflect on their learning. With the variety of activities for Interactive Notebooks and the flexibility in which you incorporate them into your classroom, you are sure to find something to use… and your students will love it!”


First Grade Buddies: Merry Merry Milestone Achievers
First Grade Buddies

4. North Carolina’s Tamara and Sarah are First Grade Buddies

Try their: Reading Passages with Written Response Requiring Text Evidence

Their tip: “Often, our product ideas come right from the classroom… we take the curriculum we’re working on and make resources to support it. The product we chose to highlight is a newer pack in our store. Our Reading Passages with Written Response Requiring Text Evidence, are reading passages with scaffolded support for kiddos to gradually learn how to answer critical thinking comprehension questions independently. We have enjoyed fitting them into our reading groups and share examples on our blog!”


The Worksheet Guy: Merry Merry Milestone Achievers
The Worksheet Guy

5. From Connecticut — The Worksheet Guy

Try his: Grade 8 Common Core Math Worksheets: Functions 8.F 4 #2

His tip: “These worksheets are extremely useful for making sure your students have mastered every single 8th Grade Common Core Math Standard. Use them throughout the year as assessments, homework, and test prep.”


Congratulations again to all of 2013’s  300+ Milestone Achievers! Way to go team TpT. Let’s keep this momentum going into 2014 — if you’re interested in selling on TpT, you can learn more here.