Get ready to meet this very impressive group of five! They’ve each worked hard to reach a TpT milestone and have helpful resources to share with you.

5 Marvelous Milestone Achievers

Howywood Kindergarten: Teachers Pay Teachers
1. It’s Katie Howard from Minnesota — She runs Howywood Kindergarten

Try her: Sub Plans! The week-long SUPER MEGA PACK! 5 days, 4 great books!

Her tip: “Calling all Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers! Give yourself a gift this summer and be ready for next year’s unexpected absences in one brilliant move! Grab this week-long bundle of 4-star, best-selling sub plans all based on popular children’s books. This product prepares you for the unexpected and definitely saves a TON of time and stress when you need to be away. I’ve used them all in my own classroom for years and they’ve been lifesavers.”


Aimee VanMiddlesworth: Teachers Pay Teachers
2. Say hello to Indiana’s Aimee VanMiddlesworth

Try her: I’m Done (Now What?) Early Finishers Jar

Her tip: “I love using jar activities in my classroom! Students can take them to their seat or a comfy spot and work independently or with a partner. My ‘I’m Done Jar’ has 36 activities for early finishers to work on quietly and keep busy while other students continue to work.”


kim dominak: Teachers Pay Teachers
3. Congratulations to kim dominak from Ohio

Try her: Kindergarten Assessment Pack

Her tip: “I created this pack to help teachers assess students’ abilities. I made this around the end of the year to use in gathering more data to evaluate the achievement of my students toward the Common Core. I found it to be very useful and will begin my year assessing my new crop of kinders with it. You’ll find that it’s differentiated to meet the various levels and needs of students. I wanted to create a product that allowed students to show their individual skills while giving them the opportunity to do it with manipulatives in a game-like setting or with a paper/pencil. This gives the teacher more freedom with facilitating and planning assessments.”


Busy Me Plus Three: Teachers Pay Teachers
4. Alisha Satterwhite from Texas is Busy Me Plus Three

Try her: Wild About Going BACK TO SCHOOL Kinder, First & Second Math & Literacy & CRAFTY

Her tip: “This set is packed full of ‘Welcome Back to School’ activities for the early primary grades. It’s jam-packed with fun activities to keep your students engaged and interacting with other students. All pages within this set are centered around going back to school and what summer vacation was like. It includes book suggestions, a crafty, coloring sheets, writing pages, a graph, bingo, ice breakers, a glyph, word work, math, and SO much more! This is fabulous for centers/stations, independent work, and small groups. All of these are fun activities to get those little minds back into school mode. This set is enough to keep your student busy the whole first week of school for sure!”


Tweet Music: Teachers Pay Teachers
5. It’s Chrystine from New South Wales, Australia — she runs Tweet Music

Try her: Alphabet Letter Of The Week A to Z BUNDLE {600 pages}

Her tip: “I’ve always found that adding music to your daily curriculum can engage and inspire young minds. So, with that in mind, I created this unique ‘Alphabet Letter of the Week’ series, which includes an exciting musical component. This alphabet package comes with 52 simple letter songs and raps recorded by yours truly, as well as 600 pages of easy-to-use letter sound printables that are jam-packed full of fun and engaging activities for your young classroom.”

Job well done, Teachers. You should feel very, very proud. Keep up the great work! If you’re new to TpT, check out A Top 10 TpT Look Back on 2013 for some excellent context. If you’re interested in selling on TpT, you can learn more here.