Was it those months of long cold nights? Was it the recent TpT 3 Million Strong Sale? We can’t rightly say, but we’re proud to make way for 9 March Milestone Teachers who will knock your socks off!

Make Way for 9 March Milestone Teachers


Amy Lemons: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

1.  It’s Amy Lemons from Texas

Try her: Show Me What You Know {40 Quick Math Assessments for 2nd Grade}

Her tip: “Math is easily my favorite subject to teach. There’s so much hands-on learning, problem solving, and real-word applications in math. BUT, sometimes you just need to assess your students to see where they are at. I use these quick math assessments during small groups. I know if a student is successful or not within a minute!”


Linda Post The Teachers Post: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

2. From Middleton, MA it’s Linda Post The Teachers Post

Try her: Spring Emergent Readers and Harder-3 Rdg Levels-4 Versions Ea+Vocab

Her tip: “Differentiation is always the goal as we create each new resource for use in the classroom. For example, most of our readers include at least 3 reading levels (with the same illustrations) to allow you to provide a common theme, but challenge students at an appropriate reading level at the same time. We usually include vocabulary cards for a pocket chart or word wall, most with picture clues. A writing activity is often a component of the sets. Our math and literacy centers, including onset rime work for DIBELS, also allow for differentiation through engaging, enjoyable learning activities! We’d love to be your ‘Teacher’s Post’.”


HappyEdugator: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

3.  Deborah Hayes from Kingsland, Georgia is HappyEdugator

Try her: Idioms Interactive PowerPoint

Her tip: “This is a fun activity to help students recognize a variety of idioms, which supports Common Core Standards L 5.5 — ‘Recognize and explain the meaning of common idioms, adages, and proverbs.’ It can be used as a computer station activity since it’s self-checking, or projected for the whole class to do together; and it’s fun for homeschoolers, too. I like to use this when I’m introducing idioms, and then I follow up with other idiom activities, such as my number one best-seller: Idioms Search — Find the Idioms in the Story Handout.”


First Grade Fever by Christie: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

4.  From Missouri — First Grade Fever by Christie

Try her: What’s Hatchin’ Chick? A Lil Unit About Chickens

Her tip: “What’s hatchin’ in your classroom? This lil unit is perfect for teaching all about chickens and other oviparous animals! It’s packed with oodles of Common Core math and literacy activities that will have your students all cracked up over those egg-hatching critters! Hope your kiddos love it!”


Greg's Goods - Making History Fun: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

5.  Greg Noyes from California is Greg’s Goods – Making History Fun

Try his: China Ultimate Bundle – 15 different documents (11 PPTs, 4 Worksheets)

His tip: “Because of previous experiences, my students often begin the year disliking history. However, they are always surprised at how much they begin to look forward to their new history class. My approach is to connect historical topics in engaging ways and to have a proper balance between rigor and relevance. Pairing the analysis of a primary source document with a historical stick figure, an engaging map activity, or making a comic strip are a few ways to achieve that balance. Try connecting challenging concepts to something relatable, such as finding elements of Confucianism in the film Mulan, Taoism in Star Wars, or Buddhism in Kung Fu Panda. When teaching history, there is always an entry point that will captivate your students.”


Surfin' Through Second: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

6.  Hawaii’s Corinna Gandara is Surfin Through Second

Try her: March Word Problems for Second Grade Common Core Aligned

Her tip: “I use these almost every day in my class for fluency with word problems. My students are learning how to break apart problems, how to solve them, and how to explain how they got their answers. They are perfect for math warm-ups or morning work!”


Rosie's Resources: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

7.  Rose Kasper from Texas runs Rosie’s Resources

Try her: Fact and Opinion for Upper Elementary: Teach It in an Hour

Her tip: “I keep test prep time fun for kids! It’s a great time of year for my Teach It in an Hour series. Students love the interactive PowerPoint presentations to review a topic, followed by practice such as task cards. This allows you time to work with students still needing small group or one to one instruction. Everything you need to teach or review a topic is included: PowerPoint, posters, task cards, quiz, and answer keys. Your kids will love it!”


TheBookUmbrella: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

8.  A “Team Store” from Ontario — TheBookUmbrella

 Try their: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Novel Study

Their tip: “Teachers can use our novel studies to give students a thorough background into what makes up a novel — vocabulary, comprehension, understanding characters and plot, language usage and more. Additionally, teachers and students find them easy to use as each novel study follows a similar format.”


Scrappin Doodles: Make Way For March Milestone Teachers

9.  Dana from Manitoba, Canada is Scrappin Doodles

Try her: Monthly Calendar Mega Bundle with Line Art

Her tip: “This Monthly Calendar Mega Bundle includes both color & line art clip art for every month of the year.”


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