Ah, the many faces of a teacher. Teachers, like babies, experience a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis. The difference is babies let it all hang out while teachers have learned to put on their poker faces and roll with the punches.

But scratch the surface and most will tell you they’ve had moments when they would have loved to emote like a toddler. Oh baby! We bet you can relate to the sentiments shared by these tiny tykes.

So, you have younger siblings? Two, did you say?!

When you find out there are more….


No no, you guys go have fun. I really just want to get these papers graded and lessons planned.

no fun
When your friends go do something fun but you have to stay home and grade papers and complete lesson plans.


Snow day? Snow day? Did somebody say snow day?!…

class clown
When you get THE CALL.


Well no, I actually don’t live in the classroom…

Student sees you
When you run into a student on the weekend.


That was such a great idea letting your students make those copies for you.

Copier Broken
When the copy machine is broken… again.


I can’t wait to start my school day at 6:30 a.m. Oh, and it’s raining. A lot.

Inclement weather
When it’s pouring outside, and you have an early morning conference or meeting.


Oh heeey. Thanks for coming back to class.

Bathroom Break
When *those* two girls return from a 20-minute bathroom break.


For me?! You shouldn’t have.

Gift for Teacher
When a student writes you a poem or gives you a gift.


Oh, so you were testing me to see if I knew whose paper this was…

No Name on Paper
When a student doesn’t write his name on his work… again.


You’re  the best class ever! I thank my lucky stars for you every day. 

Best Class Ever
When it’s the day before break and your class is about to let out.


You’re doing such great work each and every day. Hang in there, teachers.