We know how hard teachers work. In addition to being educators, many of you are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, spouses, and dear-dear friends. Many of you take care of aging parents, growing families, or both. But you still want to put your all into your classroom. Teachers Pay Teachers can help you teach at your best and save precious time.

These 12 Teacher-Authors have achieved significant TpT Milestones and offer up fantastic resources that might just be the perfect match for you and your students.

Make Some Noise for May Milestones

The Moffatt Girls

1. It’s Annie Moffatt from California — She Runs The Moffatt Girls

Try her: I Can Read Simple Sentences NO PREP (THE BUNDLE)

Her tip: “Building confidence and fluency is such an important component to reading success. Students need interactive and engaging activities that make the reading journey FUN! Teachers want little or NO PREP activities that help their students succeed. I have combined the best of both to make the reading journey successful. Reading becomes a GAME where kids get to draw, cut, paste, sort, spin, roll dice, play tic-tac-toe, and do other fluency-building activities. This packet can be used to differentiate instruction for small groups, for struggling readers, independent work, homework, and more! Teaching is at its best when learning becomes FUN. The best part is that there is NO PREP for the busy teacher!”


Mark Aaron

2. Say Hello to Arizona’s Mark Aaron

Try his: Common Core Informational Passages and Assessment Collection: Grades 5-6

His tip: “For the past six years, TpT has helped me become a better teacher and allowed me to unlock my own creativity. My focus is on writing lengthier, close reading-ready, non-fiction passages that come with varied and rigorous forms of assessment. These products need to do three things for teachers: interest and engage students by teaching them about cool things, help them master their grade-level Common Core Informational Text standards, and finally, be teacher-friendly and easy to work with.”


Once Upon a Creative Classroom

3. Meet Cathy Hutchinson of Once Upon a Creative Classroom

Try her: 4th Grade Morning Work

Her tip: “Print this ready-to-use product and bind into a booklet so your students have a morning routine that is Common Core aligned and easy to use.”


Tangstar Science

4. From Ontario, Canada it’s Anh-Thi Tang from Tangstar Science

Try her: Interactive Notebook Templates – Trifold Pack – 265 Templates!

Her tip: “Getting your interactive notebooks (INBs) ready over the summer will be easy and enjoyable if you have a diversity of interesting and useful foldable templates to create fun and functional INB activities. This whopping pack of 265 foldable templates will have you feeling like a kid in an interactive notebook candy store. All of my INB templates are for both commercial and personal use.”


Comprehension Connection

5. Virginia’s Carla Fedeler Runs Comprehension Connection

Try her: Patricia Polacco Guided Reading Author Study

Her tip: “Patricia Polacco is one of the most talented children’s book authors for the upper grades. Her books work beautifully as mentor texts for reading and writing any time of the year. Selecting mentor texts such as those from authors like Patricia Polacco, Jan Brett, Mem Fox, Gary Paulsen, Gail Gibbons, and Seymour Simon to model reading skills is an excellent way to share quality literature with your students and demonstrate the thinking process students need. When you plan reading lessons, using a before-during-after approach helps you scaffold student learning and provide a gradual release of responsibility. This author study bundle is set up in a before-during-after format with a skill/strategy focus that ties well to the elements of the stories. The specific skills included are listed with the product description.”



6. Connie Casserly from New York is Connie

Try her: Language Arts Lessons – Everyday People A Trio of Comprehension Activities

Her tip: “When creating lesson plans, teachers must focus on both the information to present and how to present this material. As in many professions, timing is KEY. Studies show that student attention spans last about 18-20 minutes, but shortens as a lecture continues to about 3-4 minutes by the end of the lesson. In order to tone up your students’ attention spans, and to keep them actively sparking instead of fizzling into passivity, go for thirds.”


4 the Love of Math

7. Meet Randi from Alabama — She Runs 4 the Love of Math

Try her: Algebra End of The Year Review Stations

Her tip: “As school wraps up, a lot of time is spent reviewing concepts taught throughout the year. Use these centers to go over some of the major concepts covered in Algebra. This set includes eight fun centers that are easy to use in class!”


Autism Educators

8. Florida’s Debbie Singer is Autism Educators

Try her: Autism – Autism Reading Comprehension Speech/Language Activity {Special Needs}

Her tip: “My students love this activity! You’ll hear some giggles as your kids determine what’s wrong with each real-life picture and then answer each question with the accompanying worksheet (I laminate mine for long term use). Perfect for language development for our special needs students as each picture provides a wonderful opportunity to ask and answer questions.”


Natalie Snyders

9. Meet Illinois’ Natalie Snyders

Try her: Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool for Speech Language Therapy

Her tip: “This product is great for SLPs to quickly (five minutes or less per sound!) assess their articulation students’ progress with their goals. It’s a huge time-saver and stress-reliever when it’s time to write progress reports or update IEPs!”


The Teacher Team

10. John and Carol Beaumont from California are The Teacher Team

Try their: Animal Report Packet for Primary Grades

Their tip: “With Common Core being implemented, students are now needing to read more informational text, conduct more research, and use more technology. This product will help facilitate this new trend in education. Since children love animals, students will have fun while learning valuable skills to help them later on! We like it because there’s a lot of flexibility built into the report template.”


Megan Astor

11. Welcome Florida’s Megan Astor

Try her: Subtracting with regrouping {2 and 3 digit}

Her tip: “As a teacher, I feel like I’ve grown and learned from each school year. You pick up tricks and tips along the way and think ‘Hey, that worked really well… they got it!’ This product is just that. It’s my little secret tool to help students understand and grasp the foundational skill of subtraction with regrouping. It puts a smile on my face to read all the positive feedback, knowing that it has helped other students have their ‘Ah-ha’ moment, too!”


Downeast Teach

12. Meet Cathy McGaffin from Main — She’s Downeast Teach

Try her: Grades 1-3 Common Core-Aligned Math Calendar

Her tip: “Students need regular and repeated practice with math concepts and vocabulary throughout the year. My favorite way to do this is with my interactive SmartBoard Math Calendar, (available for Grades 1-3 or 4-5). It’s a powerful tool that provides engaging spiral review of key concepts in just 15 minutes a day. I have my class helper lead at the SmartBoard, while the rest of the class uses recording sheets. They love it!”


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