“Marching” right along — we’ve got an impressive baker’s dozen TpT Milestone Teachers to announce this week. We’re so excited about all the strides these Milestone Achievers have made and hope you’ll check out their resources and consider following them.

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13 Magnificent March Milestone Teachers


Mrs. Lane: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

1.  From Texas it’s Mrs. Lane

Try her: Main Idea Bags Activity (Includes 23 Different Bag Themes!)

Her tip: “Save your valuable time and print this ready-to-use main idea activity! Students infer the main idea by reviewing sets of themed picture cards in bags.”


Anna Colley: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

2.  Introducing Georgia’s Anna Colley

Try her: Giant Spring and Summer Mystery Graph Pack

Her tip: “Coordinate graphs are a fun sponge. Keep it fresh with seasonal themes, and use similar graphs of different levels for differentiation. This pack offers both. Bonus: Students who struggle with computation often find this type of activity engaging. It’s a nice way to draw these students into math.”


Science for Kids: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

3.  From New Jersey, Susan Cahalane runs Science for Kids

Try her: Gnome Engineers: Using Engineering to Design and Build a Bridge

Her tip: “Using common household items: paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, etc., challenge your kids to be engineers — designing & then actually building a bridge for cute little gnomes. Aligned with the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) engineering standard for grades K – 3.”


Kelli Bollman: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

4.  From Alabama, it’s Kelli Bollman

Try her: Roll and Read Fluency Phrases Bundle Pack {Long Vowels, Short Vowels, Digraphs}

Her tip: “Roll and Read Fluency Phrases are quick, easy, and perfect for my 1st graders to practice building their fluency! We do these in small groups, in Word Work, and I send them home as well!”


Journey of a Substitute Teacher: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

5.  Tanja from Oregon runs Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Try her: Inspector Inference: An Inference Pack

Her tip: “This product is a great way to practice inference with a variety of activities. Kids will have fun figuring out mysteries and learning at the same time.”


Emily's Elementary Resources: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

6.  From Ohio, it’s Emily’s Elementary Resources

Try her: Short Vowels Bundle! Phonics/Word Work

Her tip: “Students need lots of practice with phonics skills. I love to reinforce reading skills using hands-on activities and centers that align with various phonics patterns. Keep your students engaged in meaningful practice and save yourself valuable time using these printable activities ideal for center work, small group, or intervention. Just print and go!”


Laura Davis: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

7.  Meet Tenesee’s Laura Davis

Try her: The Government and Me: A Project Based Learning Unit

Her tip: “With all the testing, time is tight at school, so I try to integrate as much social studies into reading and writing as possible. My kids loved this unit because it gave them some voice and choice, and some real life connections with our local government! I was able to use this unit within reading to do a reader’s theatre, in writing to write informational text in our own class newspaper, in math to learn about graphing, and in social studies to dig down deep into the government. I think cross-curricular learning is a great way to make connections and it is super helpful to my EL students too!”


Melissa Sabic: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

8.  Introducing Melissa Sabic

Try her: Common Core Writing Posters: Opinion, Narrative, Informative/Explanatory

Her tip: “These Common Core Writing Posters will help to remind your students of the steps to follow for Narrative, Opinion, and Informative/Explanatory writing. Students benefit greatly from a print-rich environment!”


Savvy School Counselor: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

9.  Vanessa from North Carolina is Savvy School Counselor

Try her: Test Taking Bundle 3-Pack- Savvy School Counselor

Her tip: “Help your students prepare for state testing with these three activities. My students have enjoyed making the paper folding activity over the past two years. Use the testing tips included or modify to fit the needs of your state/district. Follow up with a game of ‘Testing SMART Bingo’ and have your students review important tips and strategies in smaller groups with the ‘Test Success’ board game.”


Christine Cadalzo: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

10. From New York City it’s Christine Cadalzo

Try her: Common Core Fractions Lesson Plan Unit- 3rd Grade

Her tip: “You can use the entire unit as written to teach fractions to mastery, or pick and choose lessons, games, and activities to supplement your current curriculum. I chose this product because it’s my best seller and I’m using it in my Washington Heights classroom right now!”


Haley O'Connor: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

11. Meet Haley O’Connor from Texas

Try her: March Reading Log and Response

Her tip: “I am constantly using my Monthly Reading Log and Response Packets. My March packet is full of responding pages for fiction and nonfiction. I use these responding pages in whole group, and in Guided Reading. It’s the perfect way to differentiate during Reader’s Workshop because students can respond to a book on their level. I can choose basic response pages for struggling learners or make it more challenging for my high flyers! I love that I have them right at my fingertips. My kiddos love filling out their reading logs and rating their books. It’s a great way for me to keep track of their independent reading!”


Elementary Contessa: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

12. Samantha McMillian is Elementary Contessa

Try her: Life Cycles and Living Processes

Her tip: “Don’t just teach science in your science lessons — make it a part of your literacy stations! This unit is excellent for partner and group opportunities. Experiments are perfect for partner stations. I just model the stations at the beginning of the week and then they move around the room throughout the week working on the activities while I’m doing guided reading groups.”


Emily Ames: Magnificent March Milestone Teachers

13. From California, it’s Emily Ames

Try her: April FIRST GRADE Morning Work COMMON CORE

Her tip: “My morning work packets will brighten your students’ day with an affirmation: ‘I am the energetic and bright…’ or ‘I am the highly intelligent…’ Aligned to the Common Core, each packet builds on the one that precedes it. All are seasonally themed and include a morning hints page to allow students to independently review their work, while learning other important skills. These are great to use for your morning meeting!”


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