February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed with fun facts. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s one I found particularly poignant: Much Ado About Nothing is Shakespeare’s only play naming February — “You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness.”

Another fun fact is that our Milestone Teachers continue to push boundaries and raise the bar. Get to know these 16 TpT Milestone Teachers!

For the Love of 16 February Milestone Teachers


Rachael Parlett: For the Love of February
Rachael Parlett

1.  From New York — Rachael Parlett

Try her: Sun, Earth, and Moon Science Unit

Her tip: “This unit has absolutely everything you need to teach including lesson plans, SMARTBoard slides, games, activities, and student activity sheets. Read the ‘Getting Started!’ file to set up the unit in a snap! Teachers have shared how they appreciate the attention to detail. It’s perfect for grades 3-5.”


Presto Plans: For the Love of February
Presto Plans

2.  Bonnie from New Brunswick, Canada runs Presto Plans


Her tip: “I like to shake my class up by trading in the boring book report with some of these creative printable assignments that can be used with any fictional reading. Some of the assignments my students love include ‘Txt Me L8r’ where they write an imagined texting conversation between characters, and ‘Choose Your Apps’ where students determine the apps a character from their reading would have on their phone or interactive tablet.”


Lidia Barbosa: For the Love of February
Lidia Barbosa

3.  From Texas — Lidia Barbosa

Try her: Differentiated journal Prompts- February Themes

Her tip: “The entire collection of Differentiated Thematic Journals will guarantee a successful writing experience for every single student. This particular file includes themes for Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’, and Healthy Teeth Days. Some great tips: 1 — Choose the journal pack that corresponds to the current monthly theme. This will encourage students to write about something relevant and current. 2 — Each journal prompt is differentiated for 3 writing levels. Ensure that your students receive the prompt page that corresponds to his/her abilities. 3 — Allow students to enjoy journal time as a fun and successful independent activity. This product is also available in Spanish.”


Amy Abbott at Music a la Abbott: For the Love of February
Amy Abbott at Music a la Abbott

4.  Amy Abbott from Colorado is Amy Abbott at Music a la Abbott 

Try her: Be a Staff Detective: Activities for Teaching the Treble Clef

Her tip:Be a Staff Detective —I love using it because it contains many activities to meet the needs of all the learners in your music classroom. It includes whole group activities to practice the names of the lines and spaces; both for deriving the names of the lines and spaces and for demonstrating the Absolute Pitch names locations. There are worksheets for assessment as well as worksheets for fluency and speed. The kids love the detective theme; it’s been one of my top sellers because of how successful it is in the classroom.”


Ashley Rives: For the Love of February
Ashley Rives

5.  From Missouri — Ashley Rives

Try her: Preschool Assessments & Portfolio

Her tip: “Just print and place into a notebook. Use 3 dividers to split up the testing periods (January, May, September) and you have all the materials you need for the whole year!”


One-Stop Counseling Shop: For the Love of February
One-Stop Counseling Shop

6.  From Illinois — One-Stop Counseling Shop

Try her: Social Skills Land Game – Original Pack

Her tip: “This game is a twist on an old favorite and a great way to teach anger control, social skills, and problem-solving skills. It’s my grab-and-go lesson for when I don’t have time to plan and works especially well for students with attention difficulties or who tend to resist ‘traditional’ teaching methods.”


Felicia Watkins: For the Love of February
Felicia Watkins

7.  From Georgia — Felicia Watkins

Try her: Evaluating Numerical Expressions **QR CODE Task Cards**

Her tip: “Incorporating QR code task cards in the math classroom provides students with an opportunity to get out of their seats, while being able to check their work with an engaging method of IMMEDIATE feedback.”


Anita Bremer: For the Love of February
Anita Bremer

8.  Ontario, Canada’s Anita Bremer

Try her: Stretch the Words Pack {CVC, CCVC, CVCC Word Work}

Her tip: “My students LOVE to pretend they are stretching out bubble gum as they listen for the sounds in words. My ‘Stretch the Words’ pack provides practice with CVC, CCVC, and CVCC words, in a FUN and engaging way!”


Teach Inspire Prepare: For the Love of February
Teach Inspire Prepare

9.  Florida’s Laura Wagner Jordan is Teach Inspire Prepare

Try her: Common Core I Can Statements ELA K to 5 Bundle

Her tip: “This bundle of Common Core I Can Statements is the perfect size for those teaching multiple grade levels or for media and curriculum specialists.”


Carrie Whitlock: For the Love of February
Carrie Whitlock

10. From South Carolina, it’s Carrie Whitlock

Try her: Light and Color : The Complete Set

Her tip: “One of my products I am most proud of is my Light and Color Set. This set includes everything you need for teaching the basics of light and color. Most teachers say their favorites are the hands-on labs that go along with the presentations and assessments. You can find most of these items around your classroom. The labs really make these concepts come alive for your students!”


Robynn Dr: For the Love of February
Robynn Dr

11. From Ohio, Robynn Drerup and SueBeth Arnold are Robynn Dr

Try their: Spring Into Math Activities

Their tip: “This product can be used in large group settings, small group settings, and completed independently. Spring Into Math Activities best fits us because it reflects our organization, creativity, and ability to differentiate and reach all levels of learners in our classroom. All activities are based around the Common Core Math Standards.”


Fun Classroom Creations: For the Love of February
Fun Classroom Creations

12. From California — Fun Classroom Creations

Try her: February Math and ELA Unit (Kindergarten)

Her tip: “Use these print-n-go worksheets to make your February planning easier. The pages can be used for small groups, independent practice, whole class, and for homework.”


Maneuvering the Middle: For the Love of February
Maneuvering the Middle

13. From Texas — Maneuvering The Middle

Try her: Fraction Frenzy {adding & subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, 5.NF}

Her tip: “Fractions can be so tough for kids! This bundle is excellent for teaching students how to add & subtract fractions and mixed numbers. It is a complete 10 day unit that includes notes, homework, and several cooperative learning activities. Each day is laid out and scaffolded for student understanding, and it’s aligned to TEKS and CCSS.”


Cara Taylor: For the Love of February
Cara Taylor

14. From Michigan, it’s Cara Taylor

Try her: Black History Month~Famous Folks of Black History

Her tip: “I love to make Black History Month a learning celebration, with enriching opportunities and experiences for my students! So I created my product, Famous Folks of Black History, to help teachers do the same in their own classrooms. It provides young learners with a strong foundation of 10 African-American role models, through literacy and social studies activities. I also included classroom decor materials, interactive notebook supplements, and art activities. It’s packed with so much that even those teachers with little Black History knowledge can be successful in passing along a love of learning for a topic so important for all students.”


Terri Thornton: For the Love of February
Terri Thornton

15. From Georgia — Terri Thornton

Try her: A Teacher’s Guide To Math Workshop / Guided Math

Her tip: “Have you wanted to join in on all the guided math fun but are not sure how to get started? This 100+ page guide is intended for teachers who want to learn more about implementing the guided math/math workshop model in their classroom.”


James Whitaker: For the Love of February
James Whitaker

16. New York’s James Whitaker

Try his: Common Core Literature Analysis Cards 6th, 7th, 8th Middle School

His tip: “This Common Core Literature Product is for middle school grades 6-8 and covers all 10 literature standards. You can use the response cards with any fiction or narrative text or film. Perfect for assessing students during guided, independent, and shared reading. There are 4 analysis cards for each standard, and they are presented in increasing difficulty.”


We can’t hide that we’ve got a Valentine’s crush on all of the fantastic teachers who buy and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you’re new to TpT, check out this post for some great resources — A Top 10 TpT Look Back on 2013. If you’re interested in selling on TpT, you can learn more here.