If anyone still holds on to a dusty, out-of-date misconception of librarians, please return that notion because it is WAY overdue.

Today’s librarians are on the cutting edge of learning, technology, multimedia, and — of course — books! Whether you’re lucky enough to have a librarian in your school already or you’re looking for resources to bridge that gap and enhance your classroom, TpT is home to lots and lots of terrific librarians.

Librarians on TpT

Mrs J in the Library   Staying Cool in the Library  Teacher-Librarian Stores eBook Catalog

Mrs J in the Library and Staying Cool in the Library recently compiled the Teacher-Librarian Stores eBook Catalog. This special resource showcases many TpT stores that sell materials specifically designed for school library or media center instruction and management. And they’re looking to create an updated version for the spring.

Mrs J in the Library explains, “We want to spread the word about librarian stores on TpT, and how TpT products can make our colleagues’ lives better!” The deadline to submit 1 or 2 pages for the Spring 2014 catalog is March 31, 2014. If you’re a TpT Seller you can visit this forum post to learn more.

Make Good Lessons Great

The Library Patch  Novel Nutritious Creations  Book Chick

The Library Patch, who works as a school library media specialist at an elementary school says, “Librarians are your perfect collaborative partner, even when we are virtual.” She continues, “The rollout of the Common Core places emphasis on more nonfiction material, complex texts, and shared research projects. There’s no better time to be a librarian; I think that school librarians are teachers’ best friends as they navigate these waters.”

Novel Nutritious Creations, a former literacy coach and English/Language Arts teacher who also holds a Master’s in School Library Media, agrees. “Librarians can do so much more than help you find a book. We are human resources; leaders in the information world. With an emphasis from CCSS on literacy and writing in all subject areas, we can incorporate literature into almost any subject.”

BookChick, an elementary librarian/media specialist, is on board with these beliefs as well. She says, “The best thing about my job is that I get to teach the whole school — teachers and students. On any given week, I am introducing students to new books through hosting book clubs, organizing Skype calls, integrating web 2.0 tools during research lessons, running the morning broadcast, reading stories, recommending Common Core-aligned books to teachers, keeping teachers informed about new resources, showing them how to use various technologies, and so much more.”

Words of Gratitude

Here are some wonderful words of praise for librarians, straight from the mouths (well, keyboards) of classroom teachers:

“I never truly appreciated the vast and varied role of a teacher-librarian until I moved into position role myself. I was inspired to blog about my experience with coming to this realization.” — Sarah Anne

“I am a literacy specialist and enrichment specialist for my school.  As such, I make constant use of the library and frequently enlist the help of the librarian for various enrichment opportunities.” — Barbara Evans

“I want to thank all librarians and say what a terrific asset you are to our schools.” — Arlene Manemann

When her students lost their library class a couple years ago, TheRoomMom, a classroom teacher, knew she couldn’t let them miss out on learning these essential skills. So she teamed up with her school librarian to help bring key library lessons into her students’ reading classes.

“I missed our library time, but this was a great work around,” she says. She organized those activities into a handy set called Book Genres, Bibliographies, and Library Skills Activities. Take a look! (Exciting update: TheRoomMom got her library class back this year! Yay!)

Stores and Resources

Dana Lester  The LibraryFox  Relax With a Great Book
“Check out” these librarians and/or media specialists:

And here are just a few librarian-created resources with great crossover appeal for the classroom: