A Letter to the TpT Community

A Letter to the TpT Community Joe Holland

It’s been a heartbreaking week in America. The death of George Floyd leaves us angry, saddened, and grasping for answers. The uncomfortable truth is that the tragedy and injustice of George Floyd’s death is only one of many recent tragedies and injustices against Black people in America. The even more uncomfortable, and painful, truth is that these events reflect a reality that is centuries-old.

As we process these terrible events, I’ve been trying to understand — in my leadership role and as a White person — how to respond. I do know that we can’t stay silent. We must speak up. We must work for change. For this, TpT and our diverse community of educators have an important role to play. 

We are committed to bringing forward the power of this community. In the coming days, we will shine a light on the diverse experiences and resources of TpT educators to support the essential conversations that need to happen with students about racism and social justice. We will continue to partner with educators to work for change. 

This is a critical moment. It’s a moment for us to listen more closely to one another, to support each other fully, to acknowledge clearly that there are wrongs that cannot be tolerated, and to stand together in the pursuit of justice and understanding. 

Updated June 2, 2020: Learn more about what TpT is doing to support educators in the pursuit of racial justice.