“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade?”
– Gertrude Jekyll (artist, writer, horticulturist)

June has come at last. For many TpT’ers, the end of the school year is near, or already here. Let’s celebrate the first milestones of the month. Welcome June and 9 new milestones!

The First Milestones of June

Miss Giraffe

1. Say Hello to Miss Giraffe

Try her: Kindergarten Reading Fluency and Comprehension Passages

Her tip: “These kindergarten level reading fluency and comprehension passages are perfect for end-of-the-year review, assessments, and getting ready for first grade. They’re also a wonderful way to practice reading and comprehension all year as you introduce new word families. Each passage focuses on a different word family like -at or -ig so your students can become, and remain, successful readers!”


Mandy Neal

2. Meet Missouri’s Mandy Neal

Try her: Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes

Her tip: “Prefixes and suffixes can be a bore for students and teachers alike! Want to spice things up? Use my ‘Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes’. Students learn the prefix and/or suffix, are given the definition and examples, and anchor their learning by adding words of their own. They love the interaction!”


Jamie Sears

3. From Arizona, it’s Jamie Sears

Try her: 2nd Grade Common Core Math Journal with 100 Prompts

Her tip: “There’s never enough time in the day, so it’s extremely important to integrate subject areas. For example, I like to get kids writing during my math block! Journaling about math strategies is a great way to practice informational and functional writing while demonstrating an understanding of math concepts. My 2nd and 3rd grade math journaling prompts are the perfect resource for writing during math class.”


Amber Socaciu
4. Say hello to Amber Socaciu from Illinois

Try her: Math Mini-Office Reference Sheets for Math Centers

Her tip: “This resource makes my students and me so happy! I was dreaming of the day when I could work with guided math groups, and students could work themselves out of their ‘math ruts’ without interrupting my precious guided math time. Implementing these math offices not only helps students problem solve, but also builds math confidence as students become more independent learners.”

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy LLC
5. It’s Manda Riebel and Shanda Gaunt from Minnesota – They run Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy LLC

Try their: The Gruffalo Speech, Language, & Literacy Book Companion **NEW ADDITIONS ADDED!

Their tip: “We’re speech-language pathologists and often need to help advance a large variety of speech, language, and literacy skills with students of different ages. We find that book companions are a great way to target various educational goals in a fun and engaging way. We developed this useful book companion to the wonderful book, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, in order to teach auditory comprehension, story sequencing, picture naming, phonics, spelling, reading, and articulation. The students love hearing the story, completing the worksheets and activities that come along with the companion, and as a treat, even watching the movie when the unit is complete!”


Nitty Gritty Science
6. Erica Colon from Florida is Nitty Gritty Science

Try her: Physical Science Interactive Notebook – The Complete Bundle for an Entire Year!

Her tip: “Finding creative and engaging activities for students’ science interactive notebooks can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for certain science topics. Well, I’ve got the solution! My Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook contains student output activities for the entire year of Physical Science, complete with printables, photos, directions, and mini-quizzes for each topic. This resource gives you your time back and lets students create a product they’ll be proud to show off in their year-end portfolio.”


Heather Perkins
7. Meet Heather Perkins From Tennessee

Try her: Common Core Reading Strategy Mini Lessons {2nd Grade}

Her tip: “Do you want to start teaching with mini lessons but aren’t sure where to begin? Or maybe you already teach this way but are looking for some fresh ideas and strategies. This packet includes 15 different Common Core aligned strategies with everything you need (minus the books) to hold your mini lessons. Even if you don’t teach Common Core, these strategies are ones that all good readers need.”


Upper LMNtary
8. Say Hello to California’s Upper LMNtary

Try her: BOOK REPORT 8 Projects MEGA BUNDLE! Board Game-Newspaper-Facebook-PopUpBook+MORE

Her tip: “Book reports don’t have to be boring! These projects are a creative way to find out how much of a book a student really understands. Plus, all of these will look terrific on your walls and bulletin boards! After reading a class book, the teacher can assign a project, or the student can choose the book report format he’d like to use. For the best possible outcome, the teacher should allow the student to be creative and let him take the initiative in doing the project.” 


9. Vanessa Levin from California runs PreKPages

Try her: Dramatic Play Grocery Store Kit for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Her tip: “Learning should be fun! This printable kit will help you easily transform your dramatic play center into a grocery store and create opportunities for developing early literacy, math, and writing skills. Your students will be engaged and on-task when they’re involved in authentic and meaningful play.”


And that’s a wrap (for this week, at least!) We couldn’t be prouder of these talented Teacher-Authors. Why not try out some of their resources and end your year with something new?