These July milestone achievers are like a cool breeze on a hot day. They’ve got resources to get you ready for back to school that address multiple grades and skill levels. Jump for joy: July milestone achievers are a wonderful bunch!

Jump for Joy: 5 More July Milestone Achievers

Teacher Galaxy

1. Say Hello to California’s Steve Gipson — He’s Teacher Galaxy

Try his: The 84 Most Common Greek and Latin Roots Mnemonic Unit – Common Core Aligned

His tip: “The Common Core Standards call for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to be able to use knowledge of roots and affixes to determine the meaning of unknown words. This unit will help your students memorize 84 of the most common Greek and Latin roots found in academic texts. It includes everything you need to teach and test their knowledge. I’ve been using it for six years with a diverse range of students. It’s fun and it works!”


What's The Buzz In First

2. Meet Michigan’s What’s The Buzz In First

Try her: Back to School Paper Bag Scrapbook Kit {Grades 1 and Beyond}

Her tip: “The Back To School Paper Bag Scrapbook Kit is an absolute must for the first week of school! Keep your kiddos busy with a fun and easy memory book during the beginning of the school year. And once the scrapbooks are completed, they’ll be adorable to display at your open house or curriculum night.”


Julie Davis

3. Hello There, Julie Davis from Kentucky

Try her: Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle

Her tip: “Interactive notebooks are a great way for students to interact and learn at the same time! My kids begged to do their notebooks last year. My Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle lets students learn and practice their sight words, and can be used in small groups, whole groups, or individually in centers. There are 13 different activities for each sight word — your students will love learning their sight words!”


Christine Reeve

4. Cheers for Florida’s Christine Reeve

Try her: Structured Work System Starter Bundle: Autism Basic Skills -Kit and Tasks

Her tip: “Whether we’re teaching academics or functional life skills, students with special needs, and autism in particular, need specific instruction in working independently. Structured work systems or (TEACCH systems) are a systematic way for students to learn to work without continual prompts from adults, that also prepare them for the future and give them the opportunity to be proud of their achievements. I created this bundle of products with all the visual supports and task materials needed to help busy teachers set up work systems quickly and easily for elementary students working on basic skills. There are also specific directions and pictures to help teachers using work systems for the first time in their classroom.”


Chalk and Apples

5. Kudos to Kristen Doyle from Tennessee — She’s Chalk and Apples

Try her: Morphology Word Study – Growing Vocabulary Roots – Unit 1

Her tip: “Current research suggests that teaching vocabulary based on morphemes is the best way for upper elementary students to build vocabulary decoding skills. I created this unit for my own 5th grade class and am so excited about it! I used this as the word work station in our literacy centers, and my students loved it! This comprehensive vocabulary unit for 4th–5th grades introduces students to three common morphemes each week, and several words that use these morphemes. Everything you need is included in the download. The school year is upon us!”


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