It’s a great time for a celebration, and we’d like to give a big congratulations to four terrific milestone achievers whose sparkling resources are sure to wow you!

July’s First Milestone Achievers


Jen Ross Teacher by the Beach

1. From Florida, it’s Jen Ross – Teacher by the Beach

Try her: August Literacy & Math Centers Menu BUNDLE {CCS Aligned} Grade 1

Her tip: “I love using these centers in my classroom each month! I get them ready before the month starts, and managing centers for the rest of the month is so easy. No more stressing about what to use or making last-minute copies. I have them all organized, printed, copied, and ready for switching out. The best part? They align with the CCSS — rigor and relevance! They’re all review skills for my students, so they’re able to do the activities and I can focus on my small group instruction. There are even extensions so that I can challenge the students who are ready for it. Since I’ve taught 2nd grade for the past six  years, I also have the 2nd grade version for each month in my store, too!”


Fancy Free in Fourth

2. It’s California’s Layla Wiedrick Henry — She’s Fancy Free in Fourth

Try her: Math Problem of the Week (For the Year!)

Her tip: “Using Problems of the Week (POW) is a great way to promote problem solving and critical thinking in the classroom. These 28 POWs will challenge students to make sense of problems and to persevere in solving them. These can be used as a station, math center, homework, or group work.”


The Wise Owl

3. Kate Hazelton from Philadelphia, PA is The Wise Owl

Try her: Guided Reading: A Resource for Elementary Teachers

Her tip: “This is a comprehensive guided reading resource that’s appropriate for upper elementary teachers as well as primary teachers. Many different options for anecdotal note taking, running records, and assessment organization are included, as well as 45 different decoding, fluency, and comprehension strategies. Great to print and organize over the summer to have ready for back-to-school!”


Lawren Christianson

4. Meet Tennessee’s Lawren Christianson

Try her: Editable Teaching Survival Binder: Rainbow Chalkboard Teacher Planner

Her tip: “My goal last school year was to get all my important information organized for the school year, so I created this Teacher Survival Binder. This binder has Student Information, Lesson Plan Templates, Calendars, Sub Plans, and much more. They’re editable, too! You can customize any binder cover, spine label, or information to meet your classroom needs. Currently I have 10 themes from which to choose. Having all my information in one place helped my school year run so much more smoothly last year.Plus, my binder went with my classroom theme, so everything matched.”


(Feature Image Fireworks thanks to The Learning Site)

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