To take part in our most recent matching opportunity, take a look here at how you can help bring hope to the kids of Puerto Rico.

In August, we launched a campaign to help educators rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. The results were astounding.

We’re so excited to announce, we’ve met — and surpassed — our $10,000 matching goal. That means because of you, we’ve raised over $20,000 to donate to educators who need our help. Amazing work, TpT community!

Then came Irma. In response to the damage in Florida and beyond, we came together again. We extended our matching opportunity and increasing our match up to a total of $20,000 (up to $40,000 donated to students and teachers). Together we knew we could make a real difference in so many classrooms.

With donations from Teacher-Authors, our wider TpT community, and Team TpT, we saw a total of over $17,000 in donations, which brings our matching impact to an impressive $34,000 for teachers and students who need our help.

Now we can make a real difference for kids in Puerto Rico who need help after Hurricane Maria.




More Ways You Can Make a Difference

This hurricane season has been one of the worst in history. The impact and damage affects millions, including scores of students. TpT Teacher-Authors mobilized quickly to set up fundraisers of their own. (These fundraisers are Teacher-Author run and independent of TpT, so if you have any questions or need support, we recommend reaching out to the Teacher-Authors directly.)

Teachers for Texas

Support a severely damaged Texas high school.

Led by

Angie Kratzer, Literary Sherri, Reading and Writing Haven, OCBeach Teacher, Write On with Jamie, and Addie Williams


Teachers Helping Teachers

Help teachers and students in the Houston area.

Led by Dawn Viñas


Help for Harvey’s SLPs

Join SLPs to help replace lost resources.

Led by The Texas SLPs on TPT



Ideas to Support Students

Here are blog posts that provide projects and resources to help support students in and out of the affected regions.


Teachers Pay Teachers is a community that cares deeply. No matter the event, TpT’ers do everything they can to provide support, help, and hope — especially when it comes to situations involving students and fellow educators.

If you want to share other ways to support teachers and students, reach out to us here. Thank you for being a part of this caring community.