Sometimes a long planned vacation doesn’t go as expected. One measure of our true humanity can be found in how we respond to these unexpected moments.

Jessi's Archive
Jessica and Keith offer help in the Philippines in the form of needed clean water.

When TpT Teacher-Author Jessica, from Jessi’s Archive, and her husband Keith arrived the Philippines for vacation, they did not encounter the relaxing trip they had planned. In fact, they were there when devastating Typhoon Haiyan struck.

“We were on our way to Bohol this Sunday on a trip we booked as early as September. Sadly Bohol has been hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake last month and was also one of the victims of this Category 5 storm. So my husband and I decided instead to shift our focus from vacation mode to volunteer mode. We have cancelled our Bohol trip and refunded some of the money to donate to the Philippine Red Cross,” says Jessica.

Without skipping a beat, these two turned their vacation into a relief effort. And now you can help, too.

Here’s how you can support the relief effort over the next week:

  • Purchase Jessica’s popular 2nd Grade Common Core Language Assessment: All earnings will be donated directly to the Philippine Red Cross to help with the continued relief effort.
  • Buy any resource from Jessi’s Archive: With every purchase, Jessica and her husband pledge obtain and donate another desperately needed jug of mineral water. “The casualty rate is still climbing from the storm, but now its a race to prevent more deaths from starvation due to lack of food and sickness caused by drinking dirty, non-potable water,” Jessica says. She adds,

“We already donated 40 jugs of water (a total of 240 liters) to the Red Cross today. This came from our own pocket and we cannot wait for donations to come in so we can bring more.”

We applaud Jessica and Keith’s tenacity and goodwill. It’s certainly in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, but we’d go further to say it’s in keeping with the spirit of Teachers. You impress us and inspire us every day. Thank you for helping Jessica to help the people who need it most in the Philippines.