TpT continues to grow and our Teacher-Author’s continue to bring fabulous new resources to the table. In January alone we’ve celebrated 40 milestone achievers. Take a look at 16 of January’s Milestone Teachers and see if you find a new favorite to follow.

16 TpT Milestone Teachers


Runde's Room: January's Milestone Teachers
Runde’s Room

1.  Jen Runde from Ontario, Canada is Runde’s Room

Try her: Interactive Math Journal

Her tip: “My students love working in their math journals — and the hands-on and reflective qualities of my journal really helps to deepen student understanding. I am a huge advocate of students reflecting daily on their learning — understanding the hows and whys behind the concept, and reflecting on how they, as students, learn best. The most validating part of using these journals is when students begin to independently turn to their journals to help them through math problems, instead of waiting for help from their peers or me.”


Mrs Miners Monkey Business: January's Milestone Teachers
Mrs Miners Monkey Business

2.  Krissy Miner from Maine is Mrs Miners Monkey Business

Try her: Draw It Now Bundle: Literacy Centers ABCs & Blends, Digraphs, & Diphthongs

Her tip: “I think my Draw It Now Bundle is TpT’s best kept secret to a successful work station for reading and/or writing workshop time. All of my products emphasize EASY to prepare and EASY to implement across PreK, K, and 1st grades. But this one disguises your choice of skills for students to practice AFTER they’ve drawn the given picture that either represents a phoneme, digraph, or blend! I used it for reading and handwriting practice last year in kindergarten; and this year in 1st grade I’m using it as a springboard for students to build constructed responses. Teach it whole group one time, then your students will beg you to do it independently on a regular basis as you disguise Common Core Standards in how you decide for them to respond to their drawing!”


Teaching and Tapas: January's Milestone Teachers
Teaching and Tapas

3.  An Oregon native, but teaching in Spain — Teaching and Tapas 

Try her: 2nd Grade Close Reading and Textual Evidence – Informational Text (52 passages)

Her tip: “Expect your students to dig DEEPER into what they are reading. Close reading and comprehension is an essential skill that can be taught and mastered with plenty of the right guidance and practice. This product includes reading passages dedicated specifically to each of the Common Core Standards so that they can find proof and textual evidence in the critical areas in order to be successful and deep readers.”


PowerPoint Maniac: January's Milestone Teachers
PowerPoint Maniac

4.  New York’s Jason Elliot is PowerPoint Maniac

Try his: Alaskan Iditarod Dogsled race Unit

His tip: “This is one of my favorite things to teach. I always read Stone Fox or any number of Gary Paulsen novels and the kids are very motivated by the included reading challenge!”


Not Just for Elementary: January's Milestone Teachers
Not Just for Elementary

5.  From Texas — Not Just for Elementary

Try her: Valentine’s Day Feud Powerpoint Game

Her tip: “Just like the classic game show, this classroom Powerpoint is sure to bring the fun and competition into your class for a unique warm-up or class party on Valentine’s Day!”


Tiffani Mugurussa: January's Milestone Teachers
Tiffani Mugurussa

6.  From California — Tiffani Mugurussa

Try her: Predictable Alphabet Sight Word Reader BUNDLE

Her tip: “I created these books to help my struggling readers and ELD students. These books offer predictable text for reading success and vocabulary words that all begin with the same letter to help the ELD students. These books are introduced during small group reading time before being kept at school in book boxes to practice daily reading and vocabulary.”


The SuperHERO Teacher: January's Milestone Teachers
The SuperHERO Teacher

7.  Ohio’s Brittany Wheaton is The SuperHERO Teacher

Try her: 15 Hands-On Formative Assessments {Bundle} for Any Novel: 96 Pages

Her tip: “This product includes 15 hands-on formative assessments that will help meet the learning styles of ALL students. This product will help you assess how well your students understand a new topic as well as spark engaging discussion. With the end of the school year already approaching, it’s important that we keep our students’ attention with fun and innovative activities that require them to think beyond the surface of a worksheet.”


Common Core Connection: January's Milestone Teachers
Common Core Connection

8.  Anne Gardner NBCT from New York is Common Core Connection

Try her: Reading Comprehension Passages for Guided Reading Levels G and H

Her tip: “Every child deserves the opportunity to experience success reading text at his/her level. These Reading Comprehension Passages with Text-Based Questions make it easy to provide just the right text for fluency work, small group lessons, literacy centers, and/or homework. I also find these very handy as a tool to help prepare kids for assessments. Currently available: Levels C, D, E, F, G/H and I/J. More levels coming soon!”


Kindergarten Smorgasboard: January's Milestone Teachers
Kindergarten Smorgasboard

9.  Tennessee’s Greg Smedley-Warren is Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Try his: What Does The Fox Say? A Common Core Aligned CVC Word Work Pack!

His tip: “This CVC pack is great for all students because it offers a variety of ways to work with CVC words including brace maps, writing CVC words, spin and read CVC words, and building CVC words. And who doesn’t love the song? These are the most popular centers in our classroom for sure!”


Melissa Toth: January's Milestone Teachers
Melissa Toth

10. California’s Melissa Toth

Try her: Unit 1- Writing Through The Year for Pre-Writers (Procedures and Rules)

Her tip: “Writing is a crucial skill every child must master. This Writing Through The Year is just the first Unit of 10 units designed for children with special needs. All 10 units are designed to teach the fundamentals of writing to beginning writers. Each unit includes anchor charts, grammar worksheets, a student reference page and 20 writing journals in 4 differentiated formats to allow for whole class teaching while meeting each child’s individual needs. The differentiated journal pages include: tracing, writing in guided boxes, copying from a model, and answering a prompt independently. Each unit also includes a daily sample to be posted in front of the room/writing center. Use this first unit to drive your first month of writing instruction in any special day class.”


The Teacher Next Door: January's Milestone Teachers
The Teacher Next Door

11. Jenn Larson from California is The Teacher Next Door

Try her: Informational text Structures: Common Core for 4th and 5th Grades

Her tip: “One reason I really like this unit is that it has so much variety. By mixing up the things we do in the classroom, we’re able to hit a greater number of our students’ learning styles. Plus, it makes it so much more fun for the kids and for us. Bonus!”


Speech Therapy Games: January's Milestone Teachers
Speech Therapy Games

12. Speech Therapy Games

Try her: Bundle of Themed Craftivities (especially for SLPs!)

Her tip: “Students will love this combination of fun craftivities and follow up worksheets. SLPs will love that there is something for all the language students on their caseload and that students can work on their goals in such an enjoyable way!”


Joy of Kindergarten: January's Milestone Teachers
Joy of Kindergarten

13. Ohio’s Nancy Messenger runs Joy of Kindergarten

Try her: February Kindergarten Common Core Homework

Her tip: “I create kid-friendly, parent- and teacher-approved monthly homework packets that are all directly aligned to the CCSS. Parents gain a clear understanding of the exact skill and standard being practiced for each activity. Each week a new packet is sent home with each child. There are currently 8 months of homework available.”


Darlene Anne: January's Milestone Teachers
Darlene Anne

14. From New York — Darlene Anne

Try her: Close Read: Step by Step Strategies for Success

Her tip: “I find that my students thrive, even with rigorous material, when I gradually release responsibility. Modeling always comes first, followed by peer collaboration, and then independent practice. My close reading products make it easy for teachers to follow this step-by-step process.”


Joanne Warner: January's Milestone Teachers
Joanne Warner

15. From Indiana — Joanne Warner

Try her: 4th Grade Weekly Language Review

Her tip: “I created this product to provide a spiral review of all the Common Core language skills — including grammar, reference materials, vocabulary, figurative language and more for my students. I see my students gaining confidence and retaining skills taught throughout the year.”


Workaholic NBCT: January's Milestone Teachers
Workaholic NBCT

16. Missouri’s Mrs. K. Gilchrist is Workaholic NBCT

Try her: Math and Literacy Skill Sheets Set for February

Her tip: “Reinforce math and literacy concepts with this February themed skill sheets set. These skill sheets and activity pages can be used throughout the month of February to review important concepts. Use these pages for formative or summative assessment, guided practice, or even homework.”



We hope you’ve found these TpT Milestone Teachers inspiring. If you’re new to TpT, check out A Top 10 TpT Look Back on 2013. If you’re interested in selling on TpT, you can learn more here.