Explore winter- and Valentine’s Day-themed fun, innovative envelope books, and other creative ELA, math, and science activities from these tremendous Teacher-Authors who have recently met milestones. Congratulations to this incredible crew! And if you haven’t done so already, check out Part 1 to find eight more outstanding milestone achievers. Follow your favorites!

10 Mighty Milestone Achievers

1. Way to go, Tracy Glover — Teaching Second Grade

Try herWinter Math and Literacy Printables (64) pages Great for centers and stations

Her tip: “Just ‘Print and Work’ this Winter Printables packet! That’s all you have to do! There are so many uses for this packet. You can use it for morning work, early finishers, homework, centers, seat work, or for your sub folder. Just print, and you are ready to go.”


2. From Gordon, AL, it’s Vickie Plant — great job!

Try herNifty Numbers to 10 {Numbers 1-10}

Her tip: “Because number sense is so important for our youngest learners, I love creating a variety of ways for my students to work with numbers. This pack is full of hands-on, meaningful activities that will have your students engaged and having fun while developing a deeper numbers sense!”


3. Brilliantly done, Brenda Martin from Denver

Try herFables, Folktales, and Myths Unit

Her tip: “Use this product to keep kids engaged and learning during the busy, upcoming testing season. It’s hands-on, rigorous, and fun!”


4. Take a bow, Lauren Lynes

Try herAll You Need is LOVE! {Valentine’s Day Printables}

Her tip: “I love creating seasonal packs that are easy, and low-prep for teachers. This pack of Valentine’s Day printables is a fun and easy way for your students to practice and review important math and ELA skills.”


5. Right on! It’s Chrissie Rissmiller from Pennsylvania

Try herFraction Envelope Book Kit

Her tip: “Have you heard about envelope books? They’re a fun alternative to lapbooks or interactive notebooks. With just a few easy cuts and folds, you can transform an ordinary 10 x 13 inch envelope into a unique learning tool! Check out my new Fraction Envelope Book Kit! This kit contains photo illustrations for envelope book assembly, along with black line masters for your students to make an envelope book of basic fraction concepts. The fraction envelope book includes fraction vocabulary, bar fractions, circle fractions, fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, benchmark fractions, composing and decomposing fractions, adding and subtracting like fractions, as well as two fraction games for students to practice comparing fractions. My students are currently making this envelope book as we gear up for state testing.”


6. Amber from Missouri is Sparkles Smiles and Successful Students 

Try herULTIMATE Family Science Night

Her tip: “Use experiments and science to bring families together in your school! This collection includes QR codes to showcase the explanation behind the demonstration while having fun. Use as an after-school event or plan these experiments for your class — either way, involving others in learning keeps everyone engaged.”


7. From Michigan, it’s Mackenzie Sheahan — she’s Teaching Upstairs

Try herCommon Core “Monster Math Centers”

Her tip: “Over the years, I’ve found that stressing the development of number sense using ten frames and dot patterns to help develop students’ concept of numbers is an essential foundation to all other math concepts. I found that adaptable math centers allow all students to be successful while being easy and fun for students to use both independently and in small groups!”


8. Smashing job, Nikki Smith from Deerfield, IL

Try herMy Father’s Dragon Comprehension Guide

Her tip: “All of my creations are organized, purposeful, and practical; never filled with distracting designs and cutesy fluff.”


9. Meet La classe de Madame Angel from Ontario, Canada

Try herLe problème du jour: Second Grade French Math Word Problem of the Day Bundle

Her tip: “In my classroom, the Math Problem of the Day is one of our favorite times! We open our math notebooks, read the question, and work on an answer. Covering a variety of math topics, my students love the interactive notebook style of this product. ‘Le problème du jour’ is available in French for grades 1, 2, and 3!”


10. Outstanding in Australia — So You Think You Can Teach

Try herFoundation Forward Planner Pack: History | Math | English | Science | Geography

Her tip: “This pack includes a complete set of forward planner templates for geography, history, math, and English with EYLF Reference links.”


What an amazing group! Consider following some of these Teacher-Authors to keep up with their incredible resources. And be sure to check out this week’s part 1 for eight more outstanding milestone achievers.