January’s sort of fun right? Many of you have come back after a nice break to “older” kids — they really do change during those weeks away! And you’re honing in on the 100th day of school and the fun that surrounds it. That also means you’re really close to being halfway through the school year and (hopefully) feeling a sense of accomplishment in getting there.

Oh, I know, you’ve got a long way to go, but it’s good to keep in mind all you’ve done to date.

Here are nine more of January’s Joyful Milestone Achievers — they’ve got so many great resources; maybe some that will keep you cruising through the remainder of the year!

9 TpT Milestone Teachers


CreateTeachShare: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers

1.  Rebecca Rojas from California runs CreateTeachShare

Try her: 80+ Fraction Printables (CCSS Aligned)

Her tip: “This Common Core aligned unit contains a little bit of everything to introduce and teach concepts and skills related to fractions.”


sparkenthusiasm: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers

 2.  Ohio’s Amy Haney and Katie Acosta — sparkenthusiasm

Try their: Vamos a Charlar – Spanish Communication Packet

Their tip: “This 98 page Spanish Communication Packet includes tons of speaking and writing activities for all Spanish classes. Your students will learn telecommunications, telephone and post office vocabulary, as well as to communicate via e-mail, postcards, text messaging, speaking, and interviewing activities. This book is filled with a variety of activities and games to encourage and promote speaking practice including scavenger hunts, a board game, interactive commands game, matamoscas, the fly swatter game, and more. It will add variety to your classroom games and will make it easier for students to express themselves in Spanish.”


Melissa Shutler: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Melissa Shutler

3.  From Ohio — Melissa Shutler

Try her: Black History Nonfiction Articles and Project

Her tip: “Incorporating research projects throughout the year motivates my students in a way that lectures cannot. When we study Native Americans, the class breaks into tribes and acts out a day in the life of their tribe. At the end of the Black History Project, we write skits about what these great men and women would talk about if they met.”


KinderKay: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers

4.  Cindy from Illinois is KinderKay

Try her: Space For Little Kids Lets Make a Book

Her tip: “I LOVE sharing science and social studies with my kids as well as showing how easy it is to create something from paper, pencil, crayons, and glue. It is my belief that children learn best when they are creating. I do not give my students many patterns; instead I teach them to observe shapes in the world and use that knowledge to create. Once their books are finished, my students are able to share their knowledge with their families in a developmentally appropriate way. Most of my products are designed to give children an opportunity to express themselves artistically within the framework of a balanced curriculum.”


Rebecca Anderton-Teaching First: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Rebecca Anderton-Teaching First

5.  Rebecca Anderton from Utah is Rebecca Anderton-Teaching First

Try her: Multiplication 1 Minute Timed Tests For Facts 1-12

Her tip: “I use these daily to help my students memorize their math facts. Each timed test includes three different tests, along with a cute student tracking sheet, and a teacher tracking sheet to make passing off each test easy to follow.”


Katie Conklin: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Katie Conklin

6.  From North Carolina — Katie Conklin

Try her: 2nd Grade common Core ELA Assessment Mega Pack

Her tip: “This ELA Common Core Mega Pack is an easy way to assess 2nd grade students in all ELA Common Core areas. The assessments are quick and easy and give teachers a clear picture of their student’s progress and current performance.”


Danielle Knight: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Danielle Knight

7.  From New Jersey — Danielle Knight

Try her: English Class is Fun Bundle! ELA Grades 7-12: Lessons, Videos, Activities

Her tip: “I love to include technology and contemporary media in active learning. Particularly, while engaging in the CCSS and content vocabulary. A great way to ‘hook’ students is to use a short video in your lesson. There is nothing better than observing happy students making new connections to the real world outside the classroom. By following up with student-centered activities, you will reach your students with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners, and students with a variety of multiple intelligences.”


Ann Fausnight: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Ann Fausnight

8.  From Texas — Ann Fausnight

Try her: Context Clues Scavenger Hunt

Her tip: “My scavenger hunts give students a chance to get up and move during the day while still being mentally involved. They also provide an easy opportunity for differentiation. Students who need help can work in pairs while others work on their own. All the students can move at once, small groups can rotate during center time, or early finisher can have them as an option to make productive use of their time!”


Danie Dee: January's Joyful Milestone Achievers
Danie Dee

9.  From Florida comes Danie Dee

Try her: 3rd Grade Common Core Morning Work or Homework

Her tip: “This is a great spiral review morning work/homework pack to keep 3rd grade skills fresh!”


It’s just the beginning of 2014 and we’re still giddy about what a great 2013 it was. If you’re new to TpT, check out this post for some great resources — A Top 10 TpT Look Back on 2013. If you’re interested in selling on TpT, you can learn more here.