Each one of these nine terrific Teacher-Authors will inspire you with the fantastic gems they’ve created. These milestone achievers offer a wide range of resources, from Spanish activities to themed bundles to Valentine’s Day clip art. Hats off to this hard-working bunch! And don’t forget to take a look at Part 1 to discover 10 more magnificent milestone achievers.

9 Magnificent January Milestone Achievers

1. Three cheers for Tessa Maguire from Indiana

Try her: African-American Heroes: Responding to Text-Based Inferential Questions

Her tip: “Students need ongoing practice finding text evidence to support their answers. I incorporate this practice into our thematic studies so students are not only learning about the content we’re studying, but are also applying what we’re learning in reading and writing. This unit helps students through writing quality responses to constructed response (short answer) and extended response questions, while teaching them about the lives of nine African-American heroes. The passages challenge students to interact with rigorous, but interesting and relevant, text, and help prepare them for state testing.”


2. Sensational, Susanna — she’s Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Try her: Sentence Builder Full Year Bundle (215 pages) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Her tip: “This comprehensive set will guide you through a full year of foundational writing skills, including capitalization, punctuation, sight words, color and number words, parts of speech, contractions, and question marks. Students will use a fun checklist to self-edit and peer-edit daily work for punctuation, capitalization, random capitals, backwards letters, letter formation, and more.”


3. Awesome in Atlanta — it’s Monster Wrangler Mike

Try his: Goofus — What Went Wrong: Error Analysis Fraction Pack for Grade 5

His tip: “Students often overlook their own mistakes when it comes to math, but they can spot anyone else’s a mile away! Your students will love finding Goofus’ mistakes and showing him the correct way to solve problems.”


4. Steller job, Seemi from North Carolina — Trillium Montessori

Try her: January Activities Bundle (Winter theme)

Her tip: “I’m not a fan of worksheets for little hands, so I’d like to invite you all to bring some Montessori-inspired hands-on activities into your early childhood/Kindergarten classroom with this bundle of January activities. We cover preschool skills, phonological awareness, phonics and literacy, animals in winter, and more!”


5. It’s Jen from Juneau, Alaska — Teaching in the Tongass 

Try her: MEGA Valentine’s Day Clipart Bundle

Her tip: “Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This MEGA Valentine’s Day Clipart Bundle is jam packed — 106 pieces including blacklines! — with a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed graphics!”


6. Nice job, Nancy — Can’t Stop Smiling

Try her: Opinion Writing Unit for Grades 2 and 3 – My Strong Opinions

Her tip: “Opinion writing can be challenging for young writers. This product provides the necessary scaffolding and specific guidelines to take your writers from the most basic of opinion writing skills to more challenging skills that invite them to enhance and strengthen their arguments.”


7. Meet Lauren from NJ — Read Write Grow With Mrs K

Try her: Biography Report: Informative Reading & Writing Unit {Common Core Aligned}

Her tip: “We all know the importance of teaching students to understand informational text. This unit guides young writers through every step of the process of writing a biography report, from researching to publishing. You’ll be able to address multiple ELA standards while keeping students engaged as they learn about the lives of people who have had a positive impact on the world. This resource is packed with printables that will make biography report-writing a breeze!”


8. Alison and Karen are amazing in Houston, Texas — Planet Happy Smiles 

Try their: Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Polka Dot Black and White Print

Their tip: “Organization is the key to creating a learning environment that will thrive over the course of the year. It’s never too late to create a cohesive classroom. Our theme bundles help pull your room together without the headache of searching for items that will match or look ‘put together.’ We also offer a variety of themes for those who like to spice things up!”


9. Just grand, Jessica from Bronx, NY — Miss Senorita

Try her: Spanish School Subjects Lesson – all forms of tener

Her tip: “I try to incorporate a variety of engaging activities into each lesson and avoid using English as much as possible. This lesson for a Spanish 1 class teaches school subjects vocabulary in context with listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities!”


Hats off to our latest round of milestone achievers. It’s Teacher-Authors like these and their amazing resources that help make Teachers Pay Teachers the incredible place it is. (Don’t forget to head on over to Part 1, too!)