It may be mid-winter — at least in our neck of the woods — but TpT’s Teacher-Authors have been as busy as spring bees. We have 19 incredible milestone achievers this week! You can learn about 10 of those Teacher-Authors right here. You’ll find inspiring tips and innovative products, for teaching everything from poetry to social studies to (POW!) comic strip creation. Then, continue on to Part 2 for even more milestone excitement.

10 Magnificent Milestone Achievers

1. Check out milestone achiever, Miss Kindergarten Love

Try herSuper CVC Practice! {games and printables}

Her tip: “CVC words are the foundation of becoming a great reader and writer! In kindergarten, we work really hard on reading, writing, and building CVC {consonant, vowel, consonant} words. I love using games and interactive, hands-on activities to teach my students CVC words. They just pick it up so much more quickly!”


2. Looking good, Learning with Lindsey

Try her: Winter Writing: Poetry, Personal Narratives, Persuasive Writing, and More!

Her tip: “My Fairy Tales, Fables, Tall Tales, and Folk Tales Mega Bundle is one of my all-time favorite products! In my classroom, I use these pages and graphic organizers as whole-class tools during read-aloud and mini-lessons, in small groups for book clubs and literature circles, and as individual strategy practice. Discovering elements of character, plot, and setting with these types of text is one of my favorite things to do with my students. So much fun!”


3. Announcing Atlanta, Georgia’s Jessica Zannini

Try her: Poetry Unit: Second Grade Common Core Standards (Complete Pack)

Her tip: “This poetry unit has everything you need to have your students engaged in reading and writing poems. The unit includes detailed lesson plans to build understanding of reading and writing poetry. Grammar lessons are provided. All lessons are aligned with Common Core Standards. I also have a 3rd grade and 4th/5th grade unit available.”


4. International Teacher — Author Renee Smalley from Bucharest, Romania

Try her: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing {Novel Study & Art Project}

Her tip: “Standards and benchmarks are important, however I believe the most important aspect of teaching is to make learning fun and meaningful for children! Check out my Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (by Judy Blume) novel study. This packet is full of engaging activities and a creative art project that your students are sure to LOVE!”


5. Excited for Just Wild About Teaching

Try her: Write This, Draw That – Bundle!

Her tip: Are having your centers complete and organized for the week a must for you? It is with me! This is my favorite writing center for my little ones. All I have to do is print, laminate, and toss in my centers for the week. Easy! It comes with 30 writing starter cards (for each month), and 24 topic cards for variety and differentiation. The prompts give each month a special touch, and my students love it. I also like to use these writing cards for buddy work or for my early finishers as well. The possibilities are endless.”


6.  Say Hello to Stacey Lloyd from British Columbia

Try her: Figurative Language Bundle

Her tip: “Teaching figurative language is such fun because students can see the relevance as they encounter the techniques in their everyday lives. This product will help guide your students through acquiring a deep knowledge of the techniques, while at the same time analyzing them in contemporary song lyrics, advertising, and newspaper headlines.”


7. Meet Brodie Millar from Alberta, Canada

Try his: Civil Rights – Resource Bundle (14 Resources with Rubrics and Teacher Keys)

His tip: “Like all of my available resources, this Civil Rights Resource Bundle contains many unique and varied teaching resources that cover the major events of the Civil Rights Movement and the legacy of the event in American History. It’s a perfect resource bundle for covering all of the major events, people, and themes of the Civil Rights Movement. It also includes all necessary rubrics and teacher keys.”


8. Introducing Kimberly from Georgia

Try her: Kindergarten Daily Skills & Review 2ND EDITION (80+ CC Aligned Print & Go Pages)

Her tip: “This product is the 2nd Edition of my best-selling product, Kindergarten Skills and Review, and is best suited for the second half of the kindergarten school year. It would also make great grab & go review activities during those hectic early weeks of 1st grade. These math and literacy activities are designed to support and reinforce the Common Core Standards your students are working on during the second half of the school year. Simply print the entire set and keep in a notebook for easy access. Pick and choose in any order to suit your needs. They serve as great pre-/post-assessment tools and are easily adapted to meet your differentiation needs.”


9.  Let’s Meet Loreen Leedy from Florida

Try her: Comic Strip Templates for K-12 Writing and Art

Her tip: “Print out a variety of these diverse comic strip templates for students to choose from to get their creative juices flowing for writing and drawing.”


10. Announcing Lonnie Dai Zovi

Try her: Ecosystems (Simplified) in Pictures for Special Ed., ELL and ESL Students

Her tip: “Ecosystems (Simplified) in Pictures for Special Ed, ELL, and ESL Students was designed for this specific population, but many teachers have used lots of the pages for their regular students as well. Picture-based materials are so good for scaffolding.”


We’re so excited for all of our milestone achievers and the awesome resources they share in an effort to make other teacher’s lives easier. Be sure to take a peek at this week’s sister post and the amazing resources there.