Hi There!

It’s Karen. And this is my first blog post ever!

My Job at TpT

I joined TpT almost exactly a year ago, and what a year it has been. As TpT Head of Project Management, I help to organize our teams to plan and work towards a common goal, which—in the end—is always to benefit you, our teachers. I’m happy to report that it’s a rewarding role and I feel lucky to be a part of TpT!

I love working with Paul, John, Shama, Amy, Shahed, Max, and Dana and also the dedicated team members who help us from across the globe. I meet daily (on video chats!) with Romio—located in the Ukraine—and Madhav— located in India—to review and plan our progress on new features and “bug” fixes for the site.

We make updates behind the scenes and have testers making sure that all links still work and our infrastructure is stable and steady. We are constantly testing and tweaking to figure out the best way to make your experience on our site smoother. When everything is ready, we work with the whole team to figure out the best time to launch features live on our site.

Karen in India
Me with Milton, Sasha, Lavina, and Makuh in India

A Little More About Me

In my spare time, I volunteer at Daniel’s Music Foundation. DMF is an organization that provides free music lessons to children and adults with disabilities in the NYC area. I’ve been involved with them for over 3 years and recently joined their Junior Council. They offer a variety of vocal, keyboard, percussion, and other music classes each semester and prepare for a performance every fall and spring. Classes start back up in September.

I enjoy running for exercise (and stress relief) and recently participated in a 5K Color Mob Run. It is a regular 5K race except that along the route there are people who throw colored powder at you, just for fun. Ha! I avoided the blue powder since other runners were coming out looking like smurfs! 🙂

Karen's Color Run
Participating in my first “Color Run”

I also enjoy travel, which led me to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan earlier this year. It’s known for being the only country to measure Gross National Happiness! My favorite stop was our visit to a monastery for children. I had learned that reading glasses were needed in some areas so I brought a few pairs to share. They were so grateful for an item that cost so little but helped so much. It was an amazing experience and a very memorable trip.

Karen in Bhutan
My trip to Bhutan bringing glasses to young monks.

So that’s me in a small nutshell.

You guys keep doing what you do best and we will keep working to improve TpT for you to share and sell and buy helpful resources for you and your classrooms. We love you!


Paul and Karen
Amy snapped this picture of Paul and me.