A TpT Teacher Spotlight on Anna Kazandjian, a Kindergarten teacher at Franklin Academy.

We have a community of dedicated educators who use TpT resources as a tool to solve the unique instructional challenges they face. Meet Anna Kazandjian, a Kindergarten teacher at the oldest public school in Mississippi, who is increasing engagement and skill mastery with TpT stations and centers.


Kindergarten teacher Anna Kazandjian pointing to a whiteboard.Title: Kindergarten Teacher
Location: Columbus, MS
Teaches At: Franklin Academy
Teaching Experience: 4 years

Goal I’m working toward…
To get my certificate in gifted education.

Best advice I ever received…
You know what’s best for your students. Sometimes they need extra time to relax or to play. And sometimes they just need a hug. 


“I COME FROM A FAMILY OF TEACHERS and I’ve known since I was 5 years old that this is what I wanted to do with my life. When I went to college, I thought I was going to teach high school English, but instead, I fell in love with elementary. I started off my career teaching 1st grade for two years, and then when I moved to Mississippi, I wound up switching to teaching Kindergarten.”


“I WORK AT THE OLDEST PUBLIC SCHOOL IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. It’s a PreK to 5 magnet school in Columbus, focused on medical science and wellness. Because of this, we concentrate on incorporating a lot of science-based activities. Our staff is really close and our students work really hard.”


“THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE THAT OUR SCHOOL FACES is that our district is considered to be underperforming by the state. That has been a really big challenge for us to overcome because there’s a stigma associated with our school and our town. Also — as with many other schools — we face a lot of challenges in terms of funding. This makes things especially hard because with the lack of funding you can’t always get the things that you need to teach.”

A view of the front of Franklin Academy, located in Columbus, MS.

“BECAUSE I SWITCHED FROM 1ST GRADE, I didn’t have a lot of stuff already prepared to teach Kindergarten. And when I first started out, I found that a lot of the centers that were included in the Kindergarten curriculum weren’t very kid-friendly and didn’t use a lot of manipulatives. Because of this, I began turning to TpT and purchasing center packs for my classroom.”


“TPT RESOURCES HAVE BEEN A TOTAL GAME CHANGER IN MY ROOM. My kids love going to centers, and engagement has never been higher. They’re actually doing the center work and not just playing around in centers, which is a huge deal for Kindergarten! And because they enjoy doing the activities, they’re mastering the skills much more quickly.”


“THE THING THAT I LOVE THE MOST ABOUT TPT is that it’s created by teachers, for teachers. I know I can trust the resources because teachers know their kids, know what they’re interested in, and know what works in the classroom! One thing that I’ve been teaching right now is turnaround facts. My kids were really, really struggling with it, so I went on TpT and found a really awesome resource to use with my kids. It was something so simple, but it took another teacher’s ideas to help me get through to my kids.”

Kindergarten teacher Anna Kazandjian reads a picture book to her class at Franklin Academy.

“TPT RESOURCES REALLY DO HELP MY STUDENTS SUCCEED because I’ve been better able to meet the needs and interests of my Kindergarteners. The curriculum we use includes lots of worksheets, and it’s not very hands-on. TpT resources, however, are full of color and based on my students’ interests, all of which leads to more engagement. My whole day is filled with various TpT products because I know they are quality resources and I know my kids will love them!”


“FROM A PROFESSIONAL STANDPOINT, TpT resources have really impacted my creativity in the classroom — especially in helping me come up with different ways to teach my kids. They’ve also opened up a lot of doors to help me achieve my professional development goals. For example, as part of the growth rubric at my school, we’re focused on increasing parent and community involvement. TpT has really helped me with this. I’m going to be doing an escape room activity with my kids soon and bringing parents into the classroom to get them involved. But I wouldn’t have even thought of doing something like this if it wasn’t for TpT!”


We’re never more inspired than when educators tell us about the things they’re doing in the classroom with TpT resources. So, we’d love to hear: how have TpT resources helped you succeed? Share your story here.