Now, clearly I am biased. Let’s not even pretend I could be anything but. I love Teachers Pay Teachers. I love my job. And I love TEACHERS!

Here’s an incomplete list of what I love about this site:

1. TpT is collaborative.

I’m amazed by the connections I see between Teacher-Authors and between Teacher-Authors and buyers (and potentially between buyers and buyers, too). This happens on our Seller’s Forum and through blogs and Facebook among lots of other ways. Two smart, creative, dynamic people are more electric than one. Fling open that classroom door, I say! Be with your people.

2. TpT is a community.

See above. It wasn’t designed to be that originally, but that it’s become. And it’s really something special. When teachers get together to support one another, share great ideas, and grow, something magical happens.

3. TpT offers something for everyone.

You know what? There are A LOT of products on TpT. If you’re not into one style, trust me, keep looking because you will find your tribe. To think that TpT’s catalog encourages one mode of thinking or teaching is, well, in my opinion it’s short-sighted. In fact, the variety and breadth of resources available on TpT breaks the mold and encourages new ways of approaching skills, concepts, and thinking. And good grief, if it’s not on TpT, please make it and post it there. What an opportunity for you!

4. TpT is affordable enough that you’re not trapped into using the same resources over and over again.

Do you know what the average price of a TpT resource is? $4. And that average includes the bigger products that take you through a whole semester or year. There are MANY MANY resources that are less than $4 or even free. We know teachers put a lot of out-of-pocket money into their classrooms and have to make those precious dollars stretch. What could be better than a huge variety of affordable resources? You’re not locked into using something year after year because $4 won’t even buy you a good cup of coffee in some parts.

5. TpT is teacher-powered.

Who’s behind TpT? Teachers. Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion and their own cup of tea (or $4 cup of coffee), but a vote for TpT is a vote for working teachers everywhere. And a vote against? Well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

6. TpT is ever evolving – for the seller and overall.

Our Teacher-Authors say it all the time: The resources you create and sell when you first start on TpT are not the same resources you create and sell once you’ve got your foothold, your brand, and your understanding of what really works for teachers in the classroom. That evolution is true for the site, too. We are so nimble, so flexible that a need can be answered just like that. No need to pour hours and days and sleepless nights into recreating the wheel over and over again.

Now, do you have to make sure each selected resource works for your students? Well, of course you do. My level of respect for those in the teaching profession makes that an unnecessary question. Perhaps you add an intro, maybe you supply additional questions, you could use a TpT center alongside one you created. You’re a teacher. You make it work for your students.


Full disclosure: I know how hard it is to stand up in front of a classroom every day and try to make magic or just some sense or meaning. My humungous amount of respect for teachers springs from the fact that I was one and, to be perfectly honest, that experience whipped my butt. It is HARD! But man, with TpT as

  • a collaborative community;
  • an endless source for new, affordable ideas;
  • and a place where teachers are valued, respected, and lauded as the experts you are;

I imagine that TpT just might change everything. But that’s just my opinion.