Why do you teach? Because it fills you with joy to watch students learn? Because you want to give back? Because you couldn’t imagine doing anything else? Here, a dozen-plus TpT’ers weigh in with heartfelt and honest words about why they teach.

I Teach Because…

… for some students, I will be the only person who believes in them. For some students I am the only one to encourage them, to help them to believe in themselves, and to get them excited about learning.  I teach because I love history and I love making it fun for teenagers. I take pride in watching a student finally *get* a concept and understand that history is not just in the past. I love it when a student asks me a question I can’t answer on the spot because that means I have more to learn. I teach because nothing else is as challenging or as rewarding. – Stephanie’s History Store

Happy Days in First Grade… the importance of education has always been ingrained and valued in my family for as long as I can remember. It is the reason why my parents left everything and everyone they knew in Vietnam to immigrate to the United States in 1988 and the reason why my siblings and I are blessed to have the life that we have today. – Happy Days in First Grade

… the classroom is one of the places I am most at home. Teaching gives me the ability to be creative, to problem solve, to be very intentional in planning — yet flexible enough to throw it all out the window if the day calls for something else. I love that no two days are ever the same. – the2teachers

… I’m able to build a community of learners, thinkers, and problem-solvers. My classroom is where I am responsible for fostering skills and knowledge my students need to function in today’s world. It’s their safe place. I’m teaching them to become creative and innovative. I’m teaching them that it’s OK to make mistakes. They have the power to become catalysts for change. I have the privilege of watching that unfold when I am in their presence. – Sandra Naufal

Ashleigh… I feel it is such an important purpose in my life. I feel like the students I teach need an advocate and someone who will fight for them as they climb uphill battles in life. I want to give my students every opportunity I can to grow up to be happy and productive adults. – Ashleigh

… watching kids learn is joyous. I teach because kids can do anything with a little encouragement. I teach because sharing knowledge is the key to growing kids who are respectful, responsible, eager, cooperative, nurturing, caring, aware, happy, and loving. I teach because I make an impact and feel blessed every day that this was the talent I was given. – KinderKay

… I wish someone would have taught me more when I was at a tender age. I had too little information and too many big emotions that knocked me all over the place — and that didn’t need to happen! I teach to help kids make sense of the world and not get clobbered by it, so they can fix the wrongs they know they can right. We are the world, but to behave in a loving manner and productive way, sometimes we just need a bit more information tucked in our pockets. I teach to fill pockets — to share with kids those powerful little insights I wish someone would have handed me. – I am Bullyproof Music

PlayLearnTeach… I relish my role as a facilitator in other people’s learning journey. Whether I worked with teenagers, tweens, or preschoolers in classrooms or with introducing adults to technology, helping others access the tools they need for becoming life-long learners has been my joy. – PlayLearnTeach

… I am passionate about literacy! I believe that literacy is the foundation of all learning. When students are better readers and writers, their performance in all subjects increases, and they are better able to think and to communicate their thoughts. Literacy is the most significant skill needed to function effectively in school, in the workplace, and in society. It is vital to a successful education, career, and quality of life. Literacy enables students to become active and independent thinkers and lifelong learners, which is empowering and sets them up for success in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue! When people are able to function at high levels of literacy, doors of opportunity are opened for them that would not be available otherwise — and I want to help open as many doors as possible for my students! – Literary Sherri

Jessica Lawler… it’s a privilege to invest in the lives of my students. I get these kiddos in my classroom for one school year — and I know that they aren’t in there by accident. Each one of them needs me, and I need them. I want each student to feel valued, listened to, and capable of greatness. I see teaching as a responsibility — and something that deserves to be done well, with great effort and enthusiasm. – Jessica Lawler

… it truly is the family business. Generations of our family back to the 1880’s were educators! Our family believes in the power of education in a way that is as much a part of who we are as what we do. While others were answering the question, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’, were answering the question, ‘What are you going to teach?’ – All Y’All Need

… I wanted to give nonverbal autistic kids a voice.Susan Berkowitz

… first I was taught. I was so lucky to have several amazing teachers in my schooling, starting with my mum, then my year 8 teacher, and finally my high school history teacher. All three were instrumental in fostering my love of learning. I want to be someone who does that for my students coming through. – Learning to be Awesome

Autism Classroom News-Christine Reeve… I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than watching someone — a student, a teacher, a parent, anybody — learn.  – Autism Classroom News-Christine Reeve

… it’s a challenge! Figuring out ways to motivate and keep students engaged (I’m a veteran of 30 years… and yes, times have changed!), while teaching even more challenging content is never dull. I’m always evolving, changing, and maturing as I try to meet the needs of my students. I think my students are excited about learning because I’m excited about teaching! – Two Boys and a Dad Productions

… when you love and care for 20-plus students and they love and care for you in return, it’s pretty hard to give that up no matter how busy, crazy, unfair, and stressful it may be. Giving the gift of knowledge is priceless. – Amy’s Smart Designs

Mrs Schlachter… I want to! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher every since I was a young girl, and I instill in my students that you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind and heart into it! – Mrs Schlachter

… there are few things better in the world than seeing the look of surprise and joy on a child’s face when he or she finally “gets it!” I really mean it when I tell my students that I couldn’t possibly be more proud of their accomplishments. They are all my children, and they all take a piece of me wherever they go in life. As teachers, we truly touch the world! – Infinite Possibilities