These TpT’ers love walking into middle school every day and teaching tweens & teens. Here’s why:

Literary Sherri“I love teaching middle school because every day is a different adventure! Middle schoolers exude a frenetic and contagious energy that is unique to their grade level — they’re fun, funny, full of over-the-top drama, and yet serious and thoughtful about their world, too.” – Literary Sherri

Adventures in ISTEM“I tell my students that middle school is the place where they are suppose to take on challenges, fail, and learn from their failures. I love seeing the growth that happens when my students push themselves to the limits, struggle, and then finally find success.” – Adventures in ISTEM

Mary Straw“As the art teacher, I loved establishing that environment where the kids felt safe, nurtured, and respected.  And then — every so often — watching true talent literally unfold.” – Mary Straw

Math in the Middle“I love the sense of humor of middle-school students; you can be silly with them and really have fun with your lessons. I consider middle school to be the time when students either learn to love math or give up on it for life, and I love the challenge of getting my students to embrace math!” – Math in the Middle

Gotta Luv It Creations“They’re at that age where they still want to please you but they’re also independent. My 7th graders are excited about learning, and they’re willing to still learn and practice math with crayons and colored pencils, but they’re mature enough to handle more independent activities.” – Gotta Luv It Creations

Route 22 Educational Resources“What I love most about teaching middle school students is that they challenge me to be a better educator. Their needs change on a weekly (or even daily) basis, and I love the task of figuring out how to empower them to become successful learners.” – Route 22 Educational Resources

Teaching Class with Sass“I love the ‘aha!’ moments in the classroom….that moment when you can tell that something (or everything!) just ‘clicked’ for a student. You may not always be sure exactly what it was that made it click, but you know that he or she will have a better day because of it.” – Teaching Class with Sass

Rigorous Resources by Lisa “I love it because they get your humor. When I was teaching 1st grade, my jokes went right over their heads, but middle school students laugh with me.” – Rigorous Resources by Lisa

Education with DocRunning“Middle schoolers are ‘too cool for school’ but also still see the world with some childhood awe. Middle schoolers laugh, joke, and explore; they challenge you to be your best self.” – Education with DocRunning

SLPrunner“I love being a part of the middle-level student development. It’s a gift to teach students to realize who they are as learners, how to persevere in the face of adversity, and that kindness and social skills matter.” – SLPrunner

And here are some great thoughts from The ESL Nexus, told through an acrostic poem 🙂

Middle schoolers, I enjoy teaching you because
Individually you can be awesome or
Daring to question authority or willing to
Let others lead you but
Every day is different

So every day is a
Challengeusually in a good way.
However I look at it,
Often middle school students
Occupy my waking (and sometimes even sleeping) thoughts but
Love is certainly in the air and it’s always an adventure teaching you!