These TpT’ers love walking into high school every day and teaching teens. Here’s why:

The English Teacher“It’s exciting to watch their growth. I’ve met students who insisted they don’t read who ended up loving novels by the semester’s end. It’s our job as teachers to see opportunity and potential in students — and help them recognize this potential.” – The English Teacher

“I love the fact that high school students are just like the rose in Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. They try to put up a tough front but they’re as vulnerable as a 1st grader. One small compliment from me, and they are mine for the rest of the year!” – Literary Roses

“The awesome thing about teaching teenagers is that they’re witty, sarcastic, and quick to join in the discussion; they’re so savvy with technology that they’re constantly teaching me; and they’re passionately interested in justice and doing what is right in society (even if they forget the classroom rules).” – Making Meaning with Melissa 

“I can ask high school students challenging questions and expect to hear thoughtful answers I never even considered before.” – Creative English Classroom Ellen Weber - Brain based tasks for upper grades

“High school students become awesome co-leaders with me on everything we learn together — they even co-create criteria for assessment rubrics.” – Ellen Weber – Brain based tasks for upper grades

“I love teaching high school students to advocate for themselves, as this is a skill they will need to use the rest of their lives.” – Special Education – Peggy Simpson

“I love that they are on the brink of adulthood but still open and curious about the way relationships are supposed to work.” – Angie Kratzer

Courage to Core“I couldn’t resist being a little poetic about it. So many of the creative outbursts of a high school student are fraught with an intense self-consciousness. Every intellectual act is both a free-wheeling experiment by a voracious mind and a careful piece of performance art for their peers and teachers. Their self-portraits become richer, their voices can command rooms, and their discoveries can feel timeless and profound. It is awe-inspiring to watch students articulate and order the world and themselves in it, and know that they will remember these days like they remember their names.” – Courage to Core

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