During the early closing of the 2019-20 school year, TpT saw a 250% increase in purchases of digital resources. And we responded by launching TpT Digital Activities, a tool that allows for ease of use and flexibility in how your instruction is delivered. With the ability to convert your favorite educator-created printable resources into digital activities that students can complete on a device, you can adapt the TpT resources you love to meet your instructional needs.

What Are TpT Digital Activities?

A TpT Digital Activity is a tool that enables you to take a PDF and customize it digitally with additional instructions, answer boxes, and more. Then, you can assign it to students to complete online by sharing a link. Resources that are enabled for TpT Digital Activities give you flexibility — since you can print them or you can make them digital and share them with to students to complete on a device. We know learning new technology can be overwhelming, so the best part of TpT Digital Activities is that it only takes about five minutes to learn and start using, regardless of your level of tech experience. 

Over 550,000 of your favorite TpT resources are already enabled or prepared for you to use as a TpT Digital Activity. Here’s a simple guide to TpT Digital Activities, and how to get started in five steps.

How To Get Started with TpT Digital Activities

Follow these five easy steps to get started. (Or, if you learn by doing, download out this interactive tutorial!)

1. Discover resources. Filter for “TpT Digital Activities and look for “TpT Digital Activity” on your favorite PDF resources. Once you’ve purchased, click “Open TpT Digital Activity” to begin using a TpT Digital Activity that the Teacher-Author has already prepared — or create your own!

2. Customize and create. Our TpT Digital Activities feature allows you to tailor each resource to your students’ needs. You can remove or reorder any pages as needed (an answer key, for instance) and use our annotation tools to add instructions, create fill-in-the-blank answer boxes, highlight words, and more. 

3. Preview. To see how the resource will appear to your students, click the “Preview” tab. Take a look and try out the interactive elements, like any text answer boxes you added, to make sure they’re ready for your students.

4. Assign. Assign your newly annotated digital activity to your students directly through Google Classroom or by copying and pasting a unique URL into your LMS of choice. Your students will get a unique code that allows them to complete the activity with the same annotation tools and turn it in to you for review — all online.

5. Assess. You can access student-submitted work on the “My Activities” page of the TpT Digital Activities tool. Click “Review,” then “Review Responses.” The text and pen tools allow you to return feedback, direction, or grading as needed. 

Ready to get started with TpT Digital Activities? This interactive tutorial will walk you through the basic tools and functionality so you can learn while doing. 

Teach at Your Best, No Matter Where Learning Happens 

With TpT Digital Activities, your resources can adapt with you so that learning doesn’t stop. Now, you can bring the expertise of the TpT community to your instruction, no matter what your back-to-school looks like. And together, you and educators everywhere will create our tomorrow.

This post originally appeared in TpT’s Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow.