A video "play" button in front of an example Easel Activity

Learning how to use Easel Activities unlocks all kinds of possibilities in the classroom, such as:

With Easel Activities, you can easily create interactive activities from ready-made resources and assign them to students — all on TpT. 

Don’t let learning a new digital tool overwhelm you! Using Easel is easy, and over 1.4 million teachers have already gotten started. Plus, these short step-by-step videos show exactly how Easel Activities work, walking through all the ins and outs so you can use them in your classroom with confidence.

Finding and Creating Easel Activities

In this video, learn how to find ready-to-use Easel Activities on TpT, create Easel Activities from your own materials, and build an Easel Activity from scratch.

How to Prepare Easel Activities

Find out how to use all of the tools in Easel Activities to add annotations and interactive elements to customize a resource.

How to Use Easel as a Digital Whiteboard

Using Easel Activities, it’s easy to create a digital whiteboard to support all types of live instruction. Find out how to present an Easel Activity to your students.

How to Assign Easel Activities to Students

Learn how to assign interactive Easel Activities to your students, right from TpT.

The Student Experience Using Easel Activities

Wondering what it’s like to use Easel Activities as a student? In this video, learn how to preview what students will see and experience when using an Easel Activity with the “View as Student” feature.

How to Review Student Work using Easel Activities

It’s easy to provide timely feedback to students in Easel! In this video, find out how to review your students’ completed Easel Activities.

We hope these videos give you that boost of confidence you need to bring Easel Activities to your classroom. Now that you know the ins and outs, be sure to check out all the ready-made Easel Activities on TpT.