When you share your TpT ClassFund, be sure to also share what a TpT ClassFund is so that your potential contributors know what they’re contributing towards. This is a great way to get people excited about how a TpT ClassFund unlocks amazing opportunities for your classroom through increased access to TpT resources.

When your PTO/A, your students’ parents, your administrator, or your friends and family, ask you about TpT ClassFund, they really want to know three things: What is it? How will the funds be used? And what impact will it have on the students in your classroom?

1) What is TpT ClassFund?

Teachers can always use more support — and TpT ClassFund makes it easy for anyone to help teachers get the teacher-created, teacher-tested resources they need from TpT to help them teach at their best. Be sure to share why you turn to TpT to get engaging, standards-aligned materials for your students. 

2) How will the funds be used?

Tell them why you’ve decided to set up a TpT ClassFund and what you’ll be able to get on TpT with these funds. (Do you need materials for a literacy center? Do you need activities for the hands-on learners in your classroom?) Be ready to share some examples of the resources you plan to purchase and how you know these resources will best meet your students’ needs.

3) What impact will it have on students?

Share how these resources will impact your students and why it matters. (Maybe having hands-on resources will increase student engagement. Or you’ll be able to differentiate better to meet the needs of students at different levels.)  Let them know how important it is for you to have access to the resources you need to support your students.


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