Back-to-school events — like meet-the-teacher nights, parent-teacher conferences, and open houses — are the perfect opportunities to help parents and caregivers understand what they can do to support your classroom in the year ahead. This year, invite them to contribute to your TpT ClassFund page so you can purchase the TpT resources your students need. Keep reading for three tips on how to share your TpT ClassFund with parents and caregivers at back-to-school events.

1. Make sure your TpT ClassFund is ready to share. 

If you don’t have a TpT ClassFund yet, click here to set up your free fundraiser today! If you’ve already gotten started, you’ll want to make sure that your TpT ClassFund page clearly states what your students’ needs are and how the funds you raise will make a difference in their school year.

2. Talk up your TpT ClassFund at back-to-school night and beyond. 

The most important step is to make sure that parents and caregivers know about your TpT ClassFund page and how they can contribute! We know that back-to-school events are busy and that a lot of prep goes into them, so we’ve created this back-to-school event toolkit to help get you started. 

3. Follow up with a reminder email. 

There can be a lot of information for parents to absorb, so be sure to send a follow-up email to remind them how they can contribute to your TpT ClassFund and to reshare the link to your page. (There’s a template you can use in our back-to-school event toolkit to get started.) 

You’ve got amazing things planned for your students this year. Parents and caregivers can help support you in making those things a reality. So seize the moment this back-to-school season and get them excited about how they can help you raise funds for the TpT resources your students need.

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