You’ve created a TpT ClassFund because you know what resources will best meet your students’ needs, and you want to bring more of those resources into your classroom. But what’s the best way to fundraise? For some expert advice, we asked four teachers who’ve successfully raised funds to share their tips with us. Keep reading to find a fundraising technique that works for you — or give them all a try!

Andie Ebert

Her #1 fundraising tip: Use your passion for your students! It feels funny to be fundraising for ourselves, but you're not — you're doing it for your students.

Q: Who do you generally reach out to about your fundraising efforts?

A: I cast the net to all my contacts. You never know who will donate. I am friends on Facebook with many parents of my former students (and even some former students now). I have been fortunate that they have gone on to share my ClassFund page on their pages as well.

Q: How do you promote your fundraising page on social media?

A: I include the link to my ClassFund page and speak from the heart about my students. A picture of the classroom is always great. Or a fun resource I purchased from TpT!

Jenni Murphy

Her #1 fundraising tip: Make sure you post your link to as many place on social media as possible. Also, use hashtags [like #TpTClassFund] to make sure your posts are reached by as many people as possible.

Q: How do you make your fundraising page stand out?

A: I emphasized that I wanted to provide my students with engaging activities since I am moving to a new grade level. I also made sure that people knew that they would not only be helping me but that they would directly be helping my students be successful.

Q: What’s the one thing you always make sure to include in your emails to potential contributors?

A: I always make sure to explain what I am using the funds for. I want to be as transparent as possible with potential contributors.

(P.S. Not sure how to word an email when reaching out? Use these helpful templates to spread the word about your TpT ClassFund and to thank the people who’ve contributed.)

Tori Filas

Her #1 fundraising tip: Get creative — think about ways to boost your visibility in your community. You never know who is willing to help!

Q: What are your tips for writing an engaging (and convincing!) fundraising page?

A: People want to hear about how you make an impact. They want to learn something about your students and feel like they are a part of your cause. This is what will motivate people to give. Describe your classroom and what types of learners you have. Tell them about the kinds of projects that your students enjoy and how you will utilize the resources that you purchase with their donation. And, of course, express your gratitude for their willingness to help your class.

Q. How do you spread the word about your fundraising efforts?

A. I mostly use Facebook, but I also utilize other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. I plan on putting the link to my ClassFund page in my newsletters, as well as posting a QR code with the link at our Open House or Back-to-School Night should families want to contribute.

Jennifer Biniaszewski

Her #1 fundraising tip: Don't wait — get started! It is a very easy process and you can see results right away.

Q: When you start your fundraising efforts, what do you focus on first?

A: I focus on the needs of my students and how I can better meet them. My students have very different levels of ability and the funds I’ve raised have helped me meet those levels with greater differentiation.

Q: How do you make your fundraising page stand out?

A: Keep it short and sweet — make it too long and people will tune out.


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