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As Latinx Heritage Month celebration continues, we need to ensure that we are celebrating all of the beautiful cultures of Latinx, Hispanic, and Latino-identifying people and communities respectfully and correctly. Please take some time to read and share this post. 

Avoid Stereotypes

Latinx Heritage Month (also known as Hispanic Heritage Month) encompasses many different communities and cultures. When referring to a specific group of people we need to ensure that we are doing it in a respectful and honorable manner. Ensure that the types of celebrations or information you want to share is an accurate representation of the culture. Avoid using stereotypes that may not necessarily reflect the culture or community.

Do Your Research

Prior to presenting information or participating in a cultural activity, ensure that you have researched the community or culture that you are trying to teach or learn about. Ensure that the sources from which you obtained the information from is accurate and a reliable source. Ask yourself, “Who wrote the information? Is the author a member of the group in which he/she/they is portraying?”

Celebrate Latinx People

Instead of focusing on a cultural activity, cultural attire, cultural tradition, etc. focus on celebrating and paying a tribute to Latinx people and the many contributions that they have provided to our world. Read their literature, read their biographies, recognize their achievements and learn about their contributions.

Ask Someone From the Culture

After doing research, if you are still unsure whether the activity you are going to teach or participate in is appropriate, ask someone who is part of that culture/community. Reach out to a member of that culture or community and ask questions, you might even learn something new!

About Liliana

Liliana Diaz-Vazquez is a certified, licensed bilingual speech language pathologist (SLP) currently practicing in Chicago, Illinois. She is a first generation Mexican-American SLP that obtained her bachelor’s degree in communication disorders in 2012 and her master’s degree in speech language pathology at Saint Xavier University in 2014. 

Liliana has extensive experience serving the bilingual population. She specializes in pediatrics and predominantly works with bilingual English/Spanish-speaking students in general education programs, blended preschool programs and low-incidence programs. Her areas of expertise include augmentative/alternative communication (AAC), bilingual language development and bilingual language delays/disorders.

Liliana currently works full time in the Chicago public-school setting as a lead bilingual SLP for her district. She also runs her own SLP blog geared towards providing bilingual resources and education for SLPs and parents. In addition, Liliana loves creating a variety of bilingual resources and speech therapy activities for teachers and SLPs which can be found on TeachersPayTeachers.