Name: Christina D.

Her School: Public charter school in Delaware

What She Teaches: High school Spanish

Funds She Raised: $1,230

Her Advice: “There’s nothing that can prepare you for this… don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Feeling Overwhelmed with No Time to Prepare

When her school closed, Christina D. — a high school Spanish teacher from Delaware — was more comfortable than most teachers with the idea of providing instruction online. “My Master’s degree is in Instructional Technology, so I’m not intimidated by distance learning,” she explained.

But, even with her comfort with technology, Christina was still incredibly overwhelmed. After rearranging the school calendar, teachers had two days to prepare. “You’ve got to have the activities and stuff to use that the kids are going to get engaged with… I’m like, there’s not enough hours in the day to plan for that.”

Christina needed comprehensive resources that she could use in an online learning environment, and on TpT she found four curriculum bundles that she would be able to use for years to come. But, she faced a dilemma that many teachers can relate to: “The problem is I don’t have enough money — I’m a teacher.” That’s when she turned to TpT ClassFund.

Committing to Her Goal and the Needs of Her Students

Christina created a TpT ClassFund Campaign using a new feature on TpT: in one click, teachers can create a pre-filled campaign for their distance learning needs. She then calculated the funds she needed for the resources she had in mind, and she set her goal.

At first, she shared her TpT ClassFund on Facebook. While she successfully raised funds, she hadn’t yet met her goal, and she knew the resources she needed for her students cost more. So, she re-committed to her goal and sent an email to her students’ parents. It wasn’t easy to ask, she explained. “Asking money for myself is really hard. So I asked for it for their kids… I want to be the best teacher I can, in this situation, so that your kids succeed.” 

Getting Much Needed Support and Relief

Christina was quickly blown away by the support she received. By committing to her goal, she more than doubled the contributions she needed. “The first day I hit the goal within a half an hour, and by the end of the day, I had almost doubled it,” she said. In total, she raised over $1,230 for her classroom needs.

With the funds she raised, Christina was able to purchase resources to engage her students in their learning, even from afar. For example, the four curriculum bundle resources she purchased include online activities — such as writing challenges, photo scavenger hunts, listening activities, and more — that keep students excited about their learning. 

While distance learning still presents its challenges, TpT ClassFund has provided Christina with some much needed relief, and she encourages other teachers to get started. “I don’t understand why, you know, teachers wouldn’t be jumping on this… all these resources are there and they could be saving so much time.”

Are you a teacher who is supporting distance learning?

Get the relief you need. Create your TpT ClassFund campaign to raise funds for distance learning resources.