(In the photo above, TpT Teacher-Authors and Speech Language Pathologists Jenna Rayburn, The Buckeye Speech Path, Nicole Allison, Chatterbox Speech make a big splash at a conference. At their booth, they had people fill out raffle tickets. Each of the four drew a name and emailed the winner a free product from their store.)

Has this happened to you? You mention something about TpT only to have your teacher friend (or fellow conference-goer or teacher across the hall) stare blankly back at you. “What’s TpT?” they ask. And you think:

  • A) Are you kidding me?
  • B) You poor thing!
  • C) Your life is about to get a loooooot better.
  • D) All of the above.

Yes, it’s true. There are teachers out there who have not heard of TpT. Teachers who could benefit from high-quality, creative resources, many of them aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Let’s help them! Let’s make it our business to let them know about TpT! Think about how much TpT has impacted your life, and then give that gift to another teacher and another and another!!! Here are some creative ideas to get started:

Tried, True, and Very Effective Methods

Sing TpT’s Praises

  • Word of mouth: Kelly Whittier says, “I tell everyone I know! My entire school knows about TpT because I am always showing everyone the great things I buy or find for free.” Christine Cadalzo says “I just point at something I like in their classroom and say, ‘Oh, did you get that on TpT?’ — Works every time!” And rochel koval tells her congregation and the teachers she mentors. She says, “The feedback is always, ‘I wish I knew about TpT sooner!'”
Jen Jones - Hello Literacy: spreading the word
TpT Referral Button Example
Thanks Jen Jones – Hello Literacy


  • I’m pretty sure JK Curriculum Connection made a song for us! It goes like this: “Everywhere we go, people have to know (pause) so we tell them! TpT’s the best site! Going to find what’s just right! TpT! Yay!”

Share Content at Professional Development Trainings

  • KinderLit says, “We exhibit at conferences and always let our customers know that they can buy more on TpT.”
  • Jennifer Maschari does giveaways at conferences and says, “I figure I’m not losing sales — rather, I’m introducing quality products to those who may have never even heard of TpT.”

Be “Sub”-versive

  • Mrs Poultney’s Creations counsels, “I’m forever mentioning it on my travels as a sub teacher. At my last two schools I made sure that my principal knew about what I did and was asked to do a presentation at Professional Development days about how to use TpT.”
  • And Elements of Elementary adds, “When I was subbing I snuck TpT flyers into the teacher lounges, especially if it was during a site-wide sale.”

Better to Give Than to Receive

Gift Products and Gift Certificates

  • Primary “Teach”spiration gifted a unit to her grandson’s teacher. She says, “Being retired, I am often asked what I do to keep busy, and there’s my opening to tell them all about TpT.”
  • Sheila Melton and Christine Maxwell give gift certificates to their teacher friends and family members, and their children’s teachers.

Business Cards, Bookmarks, and Flyers — Oh My!

  • How about these TpT business cards from dannerk? Completely editable so you can promote your own store!
  • Carol Martinez has a handy flyer she conveniently leaves around.
  • Sallie Borrink gives out TpT bookmarks at conferences and carries a supply in her purse. “It’s amazing how often someone asks me what I do and I can share a colorful bookmark with them!”
i-love-tpt_design: spreading the word
Graphic from Kreative in Kinder T-Shirt

Outside the Box


Ready to get out there and let a teacher know about TpT? Let’s all commit to letting at least 10 teachers about TpT this month, OK? And thank you for sharing the gift of TpT.