Two teachers work on their long term planning and high school lesson plans.

When it comes to teaching high school, having a long-term curriculum plan helps pace the class — both for you as a teacher and for your students. You can break your planning up into quarters, trimesters, or semesters to align with grading periods, and create a year-long overview to get a comprehensive roadmap of what you’ll be teaching in place. Your high school may have a recommended way for all teachers to set up their courses so that students have consistency. Regardless, these high school lesson plans and resources can help you organize your teaching, grow your students’ skills, and build a strong content library for your courses and subjects.

Teacher Lesson Planning Resources

Set the stage for a successful year with a long-term curriculum planning template that helps you plan ahead, stay organized, and manage your classroom.

First year teacher packet with long term curriculum planning templates

First-Year Teacher Packet by Hint of Jam Teacher Resources

Grades: 6-12 | For All Subject Areas

This planning starter set comes with everything you need to get your class ready, from a syllabus to a lesson plan template and seating charts.

Colorful digital teacher planner for long term curriculum planning shown on laptop

Digital Teacher Planner 2022 – 2023 School Year by Hello Algebra

Grades: 6-12 | For All Subject Areas

This made for Google Apps™ resource brings out the best of digital with its linked weekly, monthly, accommodations, and communication pages that will last all year.

Life and Study Skills Lesson Plans

Students come from a variety of backgrounds. Give them the study tools and life skills they’ll utilize in your class, throughout high school, and beyond.

SMART Goals text shown on spiral high school student notebook

SMART Goals | Planning | Business, Financial Lit, Career Readiness, Life Skills by Business and Financial Lit Made Fun and Memorable

Grades: 8-12 | Life Skills, Career Education

Use this Google Apps™ ready lesson to walk students through the SMART Goals framework. This way they’ll know how to break down any long-term project into manageable goals they can reach.

AVID Notes High school lesson plan shown on graph paper

AVID Focused Notes Presentation High School Editable by Hey Jackie J

Grades: 6-12 | Life Skills, Classroom Community

Show your students how to stay attentive in class all year with the AVID note-taking method. This presentation is made for Google Apps™ to ensure ease no matter how you teach.

Mathematics Materials

Math can be intimidating for some high school students. When it comes to algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, these helpful lessons and tools will help you help them all year.

Algebra high school lesson plans presentation bundle.

Algebra 2 PowerPoint Lessons by Esther Brunat

Grades: 10-12 | Mathematics, Trigonometry, Algebra

This year’s worth of math presentations is completely editable so that your high school lesson plans will engage your students. This bundle also includes digital Google Apps™ components.

TVM Solver and Loan Payment Calculator – Google Sheets Version by CalfordMath

Grades: 11-12 | Mathematics, Statistics

Calculators can be cost prohibitive for some students. Use this Google Apps™ resource in your math lesson plans to ensure all your students can solve equations and functions in class.

Science Curriculum

Science has many content areas, but most require the same foundational skills. Use these resources to teach some of science’s essential concepts at the start of any course. 

Scientific method lesson plan shown with high school science classroom supplies.

Scientific Method Unit – Distance Learning Compatible by It’s Not Rocket Science

Grades: 8-10 | General Science

Tee up your science students to succeed with this introductory unit on the scientific method, lab safety, conversions, and more. Use it as a print activity or digitally with Google Apps™. 

Environmental science high school lesson plans bundle is shown with prairie.

Environmental Science Unit: Intro Lesson Bundle by Suburban Science

Grades: 9-12 | Biology, Earth Science

Enter the school year with your introduction to environmental science high school lesson plans complete. This comprehensive bundle includes powerpoints, note-taking sheets, activities, assessments, and supplementary resources.

English Language Arts Lesson Plans

English Language Arts has many components, including close reading, essay writing, grammar, and vocabulary, just to name a few. Use each of these lesson plans to cover a different sub-topic as you go through your long-term curriculum planning.

High school students gather around for an ELA book talk activity.

Book Talk: Higher Order Thinking Book Discussion by Fuller Teaching Resources

Grades: 7-12 | English Language Arts, Literature, Close Reading

Encourage your class to develop high-quality questions that require higher order thinking with this student-led book talk and discussion activity. 

Lord of the flies book resource bundle for high school lesson plans.

Lord of the Flies Activities & Worksheets Resource Bundle | Theme & Character by Education is Lit

Grades: 9-12 | English Language Arts

Lord of the Flies is a tried-and-true classic, but it can be challenging to understand. Help students navigate the work’s layers with these theme and character activities that can be used with Google Apps™.

Sheets from the thesis statement lesson plan for high school students on green background.

Thesis Statement Mini Lesson Plan – Templates and Examples by Mondays Made Easy

Grades: 8-11 | Writing

This engaging unit will help students improve their essay writing by teaching them the keys to a strong thesis. Made for Google Apps™, this thesis statement resource can be used digitally or in print. 

High School English Full Year Bell Ringers

Bell Ringers – H.S. English Vol. 1 – Vocabulary, Grammar & Literary Terms by Laura Randazzo

Grades: 9-12 | English Language Arts, Grammar, Vocabulary  

With over 300 slides, this rigorous bell ringer bundle will cover your high school English class’s warm-up activities for the full year while teaching them vocabulary, grammar, and literary terms.

Social Studies and History Materials

Add these sub plans and conversation starters to your history class’s curriculum to engage your students every day, even on the days you can’t be in the classroom.

History worksheets and activities for high school sub lesson plans

No Prep Emergency Sub Plans for any U.S. or World History Class by History Gal

Grades: 8-12 | U.S. History, World History, Ancient History

Be prepared for any situation with these digital and print sub plans that require little to no prep. These relevant yet fun high school history lesson plans can also be used with Google Apps™.

Get Real with Teens task cards and conversation starters for history high school lesson plans.

Free Social Justice & Multicultural Conversation Starter Task Cards for Teens by WholeHearted School Counseling

Grades: 9-12 | Social Studies, History, Critical Thinking

Use these prompts to discuss pressing topics like media stereotypes, multiculturalism, identity, and agency with your high school students. These critical thinking questions can be used for journaling, class discussions, debates, and warm-up exercises.

Arts Activities and Curriculum 

High school schedules allow students to explore subjects in classes that they may have only had as extracurriculars or specials in elementary and middle school. Help students explore these new areas of study with these resources.

High school drama lesson plan bell ringers shown with clock

Drama Bell Ringers – 5 Days a Week – 1 Full Semester by From Page to Stage

Grades: 9-12 | Drama

With 135 slides, this made for Google Apps™ bundle includes a drama-filled activity for a whole semester. It creates a memorable structure for students by giving each day a theme:  Musical Mondays, Thoughtful Tuesdays, Wild Card Wednesdays, Technical Thursdays, and Find it Fridays. 

Visual arts projects for high school curriculum and long term planning

Year Long Advanced High School Art or Semester AP® Art Projects Curriculum by Look Between the Lines
Grades: 9-12 | Visual Arts

Plan your full year as a visual arts teacher with just a few clicks. This all-inclusive bundle includes a syllabus, a year-long timeline, 14 completed projects, 10 lesson plans, 9 powerpoints, 9 sketchbook handouts, and more.

Still in need of materials? From first day of school activities to resources for teaching about racism, privilege and bias, there’s a teacher-created resource ready and waiting for you. Just search for high school lesson plans on TPT.