This Thanksgiving weekend, we at TpT are toasting you, Teachers. Thank you for all that you do.

Below you’ll find resources from 14 remarkable Teacher-Authors. Discover interactive notebooks, literacy games, holiday projects, and much more. Raise a glass, and enjoy learning about this incredible ensemble of creations. Well done, November’s milestone achievers!

Meet 14 Admirable Milestone Achievers


1. Great job by Brain Wrinkles’ Ansley Trantow from Georgia

Try her: Interactive Social Studies Notebook Kit – 100+ Printables & Activities

Her tip: “Social Studies lessons have come a long way since I was in school. (Thankfully, long gone are the days of reading from the textbook and writing pages of notes.) If you’d like to add a little ‘spice’ to your own Social Studies lessons, please check out my Interactive Social Studies Notebook Kit. There are over 100 engaging activities and printables that will have your students interacting with the material in fun, creative ways! With the variety of activities for Interactive Notebooks, you’re sure to find something that works for any Social Studies lesson… and your students will LOVE it!”


2. Most excellent, Erica Colon — she’s Nitty Gritty Science

Try her: Life Science Interactive Notebook – The COMPLETE Bundle for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Her tip: “Searching for original and engaging activities for Science Interactive Notebooks is a time-consuming feat that can often leave you tired and frustrated. Usually this frustration leads to the interactive notebook’s untimely dismissal from your curriculum, leaving it crumpled in the bottom of lockers, or stuffed in backpacks. Well, what do you say to saving Science Interactive Notebooks?! Check out my Life Science Interactive Notebook — the COMPLETE Bundle for an ENTIRE YEAR! This product will end your fruitless searches, saving you time and putting the ‘interactive’ back into your Science Interactive Notebooks!”


3. Right on, Ruth S.

Try her: NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry

Her tip: “I love integrating different subjects with my ELA lessons and projects! I knew my students had very little knowledge about World War II prior to reading Number the Stars, because of our discussions and the KWLH chart they completed. For that reason, I created an informational text article, with questions, about the war to give them a historical background and perspective about events that occurred during the 1940’s. I play music from that era and show them pictures of clothing, cars, hairstyles, and household appliances. They’re always amazed when I show them my authentic ration coupons that had been used by one of my family members during the war to purchase sugar, coffee, and gas because of a shortage of goods. Prior knowledge is necessary to make Number the Stars and other stories come alive. It was a perfect introduction and avenue for my students to work collaboratively on my Number the Stars literary packet!”


4. From Central Illinois, it’s Shelli Harrison and Brittany McLaren — Shelli and Brittany

Try their: Second Grade Common Core Writing Curriculum

Their tip: “Never plan a day of writing again! Everything is written out for you, and the curriculum is Common Core aligned and ready to go!”


5. Hello there, Heather — she runs A Love for Teaching

Try her: Graphs No Prep {Common Core Aligned}

Her tip: “This product includes graphs that are aligned to the Common Core.”


6. Just perfect, Performing in Fifth Grade

Try her: Project Based Learning Holiday Cookie Exchange – Fractions & Decimals 5th

Her tip: “Make practicing math skills fun and engaging using project-based learning!”


7. High five to Anna Hulsey — Hanging with Mrs Hulsey

Try her: Tackling Main Idea: A Literacy Center Game & Activities

Her tip: “I love making items that I can try out first in my own classroom. This helps me catch any mistakes and gauge student involvement and enjoyment levels!”


8. Fabulous in Florida — it’s Deeanna Golden

Try her: Fun With the Gingerbread Gang

Her tip: “The lessons and activities in this unit are centered around the books, The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Girl, and Gingerbread Baby. The activities hit many Common Core Standards for ELA and math. It includes whole group activities, small group activities, literacy centers, and math centers.”


9. Terrific, Hilary Tinnesand — she’s Teaching in Walla Walla

Try her: 3rd Grade Math CCSS Problem Solving 160 Word Problems *All Standards*

Her tip: “Word problems can be challenging for so many students, so I try to incorporate daily practice into my classroom routine. My Math CCSS-aligned Word Problems sets (available by grade for grades 2-4) are the perfect tool for building word problem proficiency. Sets cover all grade-level word problem standards and are provided in two complete versions. Version One: ‘Page of the Week’ format with four problems per page for easy weekly practice. This is an easy format to copy and make into a word problem practice book either by domain or as a complete set for a year of practice. Version Two: ‘Problem of the Day’ format with individual problems set into a problem-solving graphic organizer.”


10. Congratulations to Aylin Claahsen in Illinois

Try her: Guided Reading Passages: Level B

Her tip: “It can be such a challenge to find good materials to use for guided reading groups. I love having all my materials that I need for my guided reading lessons in one spot and ready to go each day. This pack includes 15 passages, lesson plans, and running records for your little readers. It’s perfect for emergent readers, struggling readers, ESL, or special education students who need a little extra practice with reading. No extra planning or work on your part!”


11. It’s Monique LeMaire from Maurice, Louisiana — More than Math by Mo

Try her: Vowel Teams! Mega Bundle: 7 Phonics Units

Her tip: “I like to purchase resources that easily allow for differentiation. These Vowel Team Units offer many ways to easily differentiate activities in order to meet the needs of each and every student in your class.”


12. Sensational, Secondary Sara from Columbus, Ohio

Try her: Literary Analysis “Case File” of Text Evidence – for ANY novel or story!

Her tip: “Use my Literary Analysis Case File project to teach students how to draw a conclusion based on text evidence! The pages help students collect quoted text evidence DURING reading, fully analyze quotes AFTER reading, and give a presentation about the conclusions that they create. It’s a great scaffold to a literary analysis essay or unit test. Download this project as an example of what my store offers: editable, Common Core aligned materials with rigor for middle and high school English classes.”


13. Amazing job, Angie Olson in Frazee, Minnesota  — Lucky Little Learners

Try her: Place Value: Interactive Notebook Pages

Her tip: “Are you using Interactive Math Notebooks in your classroom? You really should be! My students love them, create them, reference them, and will take them home at the end of the school year where they’ll continue to learn from them. This Place Value Interactive Notebook is one of my best sellers and includes many options for differentiating your instruction.”


14. Applause for Amy Alvis in Indiana

Try her: Fraction Task Card Bundle – Add Subtract Multiply Divide

Her tip: “I use task cards to differentiate skills for my students. During our intervention time, I use my skills check-off sheet and know exactly what skills they need to work on. Task cards can be used individually, in partners, in small groups, and even as a whole class. They’re very versatile.”


It never ceases to amaze us how great, timely, and spot-on our Teacher-Author-created resources are. We hope you’ve found something helpful here. If you’re looking for some terrific task cards for your classroom, head on over here.