Helping Educators Continue Student Learning in Response to Coronavirus


This is an unprecedented moment. The global coronavirus pandemic is at a scale not seen in a century, and at a time when our society has never been more connected. 

As tens of thousands of schools close, educators are on the frontlines and expected to act quickly to support their students in the midst of disruption and uncertainty. Teachers and administrators are stepping up in powerful ways, from implementing distance learning tools in record-time to planning lessons weeks in advance. 

But they need help. Teachers don’t have the resources they need for distance learning, whether it’s self-guided learning packets or effective digital materials. Getting these resources in their hands quickly is one challenge — ensuring they have ongoing support is another.

That’s why TpT is launching a nationwide effort to help educators continue student learning outside the classroom. 

Providing Free Subscriptions to TpT School Access for Affected Schools in the U.S.

Starting today, we’re offering free subscriptions to TpT School Access for U.S. schools affected by coronavirus. TpT School Access is a school-wide subscription that gives teachers access to a library of more than 3 million teacher-created, teacher-tested educational resources. 

We’re making TpT School Access free for schools impacted by coronavirus so their teaching staff can get the resources they need through the end of the 2020 school year. So whether teachers are prepping for a closure or looking for new resources to send home to students, they can quickly and easily get what they need without paying out of pocket. To learn more, visit here

Harnessing the Power of the TpT Community

In this moment, we can clearly see how powerful our community of six million educators is. TpT has always been a go-to place for teachers to share tips, guidance, and resources. This collective wisdom is needed now more than ever, and we’re committed to sharing it so teachers and parents can meet the needs of millions of students (including four of mine) who are at home for the foreseeable future. Check out our first post with strategies from four distance learning experts, and stay tuned for more.  

This situation will continue to be a challenge. We’re here to help teachers meet that challenge. As things evolve, our number one priority will be supporting educators, and we’ll be thinking of more ways we can help. In the meantime, please continue to take care of yourselves and each other.