In this extraordinary time, educators are among those who are stepping up in powerful ways. Suddenly faced with prolonged school closures, they’re quickly adapting to ensure that student learning persists through the uncertainty of this moment. Now more than ever, they need our support, so at TpT, we’re mobilizing our team and community to help.

We’ve created distance learning hubs for both teachers and caregivers. We’re also supporting schools in an entirely new way. And, for the many educators who urgently need resources to teach remotely, TpT ClassFund is here to provide relief.

With TpT ClassFund, teachers can raise funds for the teacher-created resources they need to support their students’ learning. In response to the coronavirus, over 150 teachers have created pages dedicated to their distance learning needs. 

If you can, please consider contributing to these educators. We’ve listed all of their pages below, and we’ll continue to update this post as more pages are created. And if you’re an educator, create your TpT ClassFund for the support you need at this time.

List Last Updated March 26th, 2020:

Kayla Iannuccilli’s TpT ClassFundDanielle Brinkofski’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Beres’ TpT ClassFundThe Sidewalk School’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Jane Madrigal’s TpT ClassFundCrystal Reichle’s TpT ClassFund
Mr. Tennal’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Becky Hitchcock’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Collins’ TpT ClassFundKatie Ray Loves2Teach’s TpT ClassFund
David Neubauer’s TpT ClassFundMegan Shockley’s TpT ClassFund
Jon Goodfriend’s TpT ClassFundMiss Stec’s TpT ClassFund
Darlene McConnel’s TpT ClassFundHeather Garcia’s TpT ClassFund
M Amara’s TpT ClassFundSharon Senno’s TpT ClassFund
OTHS Geometry and Algebra 1’s TpT ClassFundMs. English’s TpT ClassFund
Frau Lee’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Chimes Kindergarten Class’s TpT ClassFund
Marilyn Orta’s TpT ClassFundMr. Fernando Galvez’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. B-H’s TpT ClassFundMs. Zangas’ TpT ClassFund
Lori Taylor’s TpT ClassFundLiteratureLover’s TpT ClassFund
Kaitlyn Thompson’s TpT ClassFundLynn’s TpT ClassFund
Miss Brenda Recinos’ TpT ClassFundPaola Alba Galvin’s TpT ClassFund
Steven Schmauss’ TpT ClassFundCharles Manero’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs Wilson’s Kindergarten Friends’ TpT ClassFundMs. Wilmer’s TpT ClassFund
Danielle Lee’s TpT ClassFundDonna Stowe’s TpT ClassFund
Ms Olmos’ TpT ClassFundMs. M’s Kindergarten Class’s TpT ClassFund
Liz Dunhill’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Hill’s TpT ClassFund
Samantha Kendrick’s TpT ClassFundÕpetajad’s TpT ClassFund
Angie Duncan’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Linda Alvarez’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Christensen’s Kinder Crew’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Linda Alvarez’s TpT ClassFund
Lisa D’s TpT ClassFundMr. Johnson’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Vanessa Mohler’s TpT ClassFundAmber Lynch’s TpT ClassFund
Megen Seiber’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Quinones’ TpT ClassFund
Mrs. H’s Minions’ TpT ClassFundMiss Burke’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Shawna Culotta’s TpT ClassFundAmber Thomas’ TpT ClassFund
Ms. Scales’ TpT ClassFundAriana Durso’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Reed’s TpT ClassFundLeah Siders’ TpT ClassFund
Cassandra Sementelli’s TpT ClassFundMatthew Morrison’s TpT ClassFund
Ellis Stephens’ TpT ClassFundMallory Hilvitz’s TpT ClassFund
Colleen T’s TpT ClassFundBrandy’s TpT ClassFund
Tiffany Colon’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Walters Panda Class’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Maribel Sanchez’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Irons’ TpT ClassFund
Ms. Lee’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Watkins’ TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Boaz’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Julie Ginns’ TpT ClassFund
Ms. Porter’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Arredondo’s TpT ClassFund
Darcel Olayo’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Lance’s
Mrs. McDermott’s TpT ClassFundAlaina’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Ericson’s TpT ClassFundMiss Hart’s TpT ClassFund
Brooke D’Angeli’s TpT ClassFundFallon’s TpT ClassFund
Skurtzy@happyteacher327 TpT ClassFundMiss Phillips’ TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Dawn Kelly’s TpT ClassFundAshley Saenz’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Castanon’s TpT ClassFundMs. Jackson’s TpT ClassFund
Katie Gearlds’ TpT ClassFundKelly Brown Speech Therapist’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Paquette’s TpT ClassFundDeborah Brambley’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Truong’s TpT ClassFundMiss Parker’s TpT ClassFund
Ann Burton’s TpT ClassFundKara Smith’s TpT ClassFund
Wahla’s Wonders’ TpT ClassFundBrandi Ramirez’s TpT ClassFund
Carmella McNeill’s TpT ClassFundChianne P’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Conley’s TpT ClassFundLaura Hlad Dunwoody’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Fernandez’s TpT ClassFundRhiannon Jarrell’s TpT ClassFund
Shelly Buchanan’s TpT ClassFundMs. Turner’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Traci Parr’s TpT ClassFundCactus Kids Kindergarten’s TpT ClassFund
Jessica Walker’s TpT ClassFundSupportive Leader’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. White’s TpT ClassFundPeggy Ancell’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Rodz’s TpT ClassFundNanci Zibell’s TpT ClassFund
Marianna Latham’s TpT ClassFundMs. Steinorth’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. D. Traver’s TpT ClassFundKristen Plemel’s TpT ClassFund
Amanda McFaddinBauer’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Stephanie Rickman’s TpT ClassFund
Danielle Dumont’s TpT ClassFundJulie Daniels’ TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Graham’s TpT ClassFundGail Ricks’ TpT ClassFund
Stacey Riber’s TpT ClassFundMrs. Kilgore’s TpT ClassFund
Jennifer Clark’s TpT ClassFundMs. Kimberly’s TpT ClassFund
Terri Kelley’s TpT ClassFundLindsey Kane’s TpT ClassFund
Jenn Prescott’s TpT ClassFundStacey Russo’s TpT ClassFund
Ms. Amy Binkowski / Ms. B’s TpT ClassFundMichelle Romanelli’s TpT ClassFund
Lawana Green’s TpT ClassFundMs. Leila’s TK Class’s TpT ClassFund
Crystal Dennis’ TpT ClassFundDana Scott’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Hilary Idstein’s TpT ClassFundMs. Nickelston’s TpT ClassFund
Barb Mamazza’s TpT ClassFundDeborah Johnson’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Angstadt’s TpT ClassFundStacey Bushong’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. Carrillo’s TpT ClassFundBasil’s Library’s TpT ClassFund
Tom Carvey’s TpT ClassFundMs. P’s Buzzin’ Bees Class’s TpT ClassFund
Mrs. O’s TpT ClassFund