At TpT, we believe that teachers should be celebrated every day. But we also get particularly excited when we have a dedicated day on the calendar to shout them out and show our appreciation for everything they do. And World Teachers’ Day is one of those moments. 

What is the importance of World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on October 5th to commemorate the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. For many, World Teachers’ Day is a time to recognize and show gratitude to the teachers who supported and inspired us when we were students. But more importantly, it’s also a day for teachers like you to take stock of just how much you are impacting students each and every day.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day 2021

This year hasn’t been an easy year for educators — but in the midst of uncertainty and chaos, you’ve worked hard to stay connected with students and provide them with stability. In celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2021, let’s take a moment to recognize all the things you’ve achieved in the past year. 

Helping students grow and feel seen.

  • “The ‘hard kid’, or so the teachers he had last year described him, hugged me around the neck as tight as he could and told me how much he’d miss me. He did amazing on state testing, too. That baby grew in every possible way. I was so so proud of him, but even more elated that he knew he’d grown, too.” — @bookworm1911
  • “One of my students wrote me a note that said ‘You make me feel safe’. This first-year teacher was a blubbering mess” — @aly_meyer
  • “When one of my students sent me an email thanking me for helping him gain the confidence in Spanish to be able to have, for the first time, a real conversation with his grandparents. I think I could retire now, if I didn’t love doing what I do so doggone much!”  — Julie S.
  • “One of my students told me she hated reading before she was in my class. Now she loves it. It made my whole year!” — @hm_hauser 
  • “A beautiful message from a parent and child before I left on maternity leave explaining that I was the first teacher who truly ‘got’ their child, believed in him, and helped him exceed his goals! This was definitely a highlight for me” — Emma G.
  • “‘You know what I learned this year in Kindergarten?…It’s ok if I don’t get it right or I make a mistake. It’s my brain learning. So I gotta just keep trying until I get it….You taught me that!’ From my little virtual learner that was super anxious about mistakes at the beginning of the year. He was leading us in math, and just said this. I won’t lie, I cried.” — Leigh Anne R. 

Creating engaging lessons and strong bonds remotely.

  • “Being able to differentiate my online classroom and keeping my students engaged during virtual learning!” — @alearningcurve_
  • “I think I’m most proud of my class’ attendance to virtual school during our lockdowns. I didn’t wow with a ton of fancy tech (kudos to those that did) and I wasn’t flashing bells and whistles or presenting earth shattering assignments. But I was THERE. I was present. I saw them. And they saw each other. And truthfully, they saw me. So they showed up. Day after day, after day. We were a community that cared and loved. I think that’s what I’m most proud of. My kids wanted to be there, together, every single day. It’s been so freaking hard, but it’s also been so freaking rewarding.” — Rebecca L.

Improving tech skills.

  • “My tech skills have improved a hundredfold and I am so much more comfortable diving into new tech. Trial by fire I guess, but I’m proud of how quickly I was able to learn new things. After teaching for 27 years, this old dog learned new tricks!” — @littlebirdlearners 
  • “I’m proud I learned new tech skills, and that I was able to mentally make it through this year with good self-care, such as exercising, shutting my laptop off after 5, and learning more on my grade-level team.” — @laraksv
  • “A beautiful bond was still made even with all the barriers, and my tech skills went through the roof.” — @lcpicz

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