At TpT, we believe that teachers — and all the extraordinary ways that they’re creating tomorrow — should be celebrated every day. But we also get particularly excited when we have a dedicated day on the calendar to shout them out and show our appreciation for everything they do. And World Teachers’ Day, on October 5th, is one of those moments. 

For World Teachers’ Day 2020, we’re taking stock of all the things that teachers have achieved in the past year. So we asked the TpT community:

Here are just a few of the many accomplishments teachers have had this year:

  • “Teaching the mute and unmute button!” (@guarizlg)
  • “Seeing those ‘lightbulb moments’ when something clicks for my students! Even if it’s through the Zoom screen💡💻”  (@musicointhemiddle)
  • “Finally having a lesson with my students where every one of them was engaged, interested, and learning!” (Sonja M.)
  • “Having my kids yell out in a Google meet that they understand it now! 🙌🏻 ” (@MrsDAngelone)
  • “Parents thanking me, telling me how happy their kids have been at school 😍💘” (@itsjussmi
  • “Honestly, making it this far feels like a win.” (@tejohnson411)
  • “Just today, I came back from being at a virtual training for 3 days, and I could FEEL the excitement from them when they signed on and saw me.” (@b_lo_mitch_)
  • “Having my students say my class is their favorite” (@crysnaima)

This year hasn’t been an easy year for educators — but in the midst of uncertainty and chaos, educators like you have worked hard to stay connected with students and provide them with stability. So take this moment to celebrate all the things you accomplished.

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