Here at TpT, we celebrate teachers every day of the year. But we love it when there’s a day on the calendar where we — along with the rest of the world — can shout our support for teachers from the rooftops. And World Teachers’ Day on Saturday, October 5th, is one of them. 

In advance of this Saturday’s celebrations, we asked ourselves and our community: how should the world recognize great teachers? Here are a few responses from Instagram that we loved:

“Tell them how they have made a positive impact (note, email, or face-to-face).” —

“Every news reporter chooses a teacher each year and interviews them about their work and success.” — @mariamfarhatt

“Show appreciation and gratitude. Simply thank them for what they do.” — @teachingthebrightfuture  

We at Team TpT have a lot of ideas on how to recognize deserving teachers. And we believe that part of recognizing teachers means giving them the materials they need to do their jobs well. So this year, in honor of World Teachers’ Day 2019, if you refer a friend to TpT ClassFund™, you’ll both be entered to win $10 for each of your TpT ClassFund pages. Entering is easy:

  • Have a friend create their own TpT ClassFund page
  • Have that friend fill out this form
  • Winners will receive $10 in their TpT ClassFund account*

So, tag a teacher friend and get some extra funds for extra-deserving teachers!

Haven’t heard about TpT ClassFund yet? It’s our brand new, no-fee fundraising tool that was created specifically with the idea of community support at its heart. Sign up today!