Wowzers — what an epic day! It was clear everyone was having an amazing time at TpT Conference 2014: Supercharge Seller Success — making connections with those they’d previously only known via email and blogs, reconnecting with blogging buddies, meeting new folks, and learning, learning, learning.

There was also quite a bit of fun sprinkled in there, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Paul Sightings


Fantastic Meet-ups…


More Fabulous Meet-ups!

SuperchargeBe sure to check out hashtag #tptvegas14 and #tptvegas2014. There are many more fun pics to be seen.

TpT Vegas Blogs

And for a great round-up of blog posts, from folks who were live and direct, check out these links.

This is the touching gift presented to Paul by the TpT Teacher-Authors.



Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences — I’m sure the posts will keep coming, and we look forward to sharing more highlights of the day.

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