It’s a time of thanks. And thank goodness for that.

Let’s face it, there’s enough in this world that’s negative and harsh and downright rotten. It’s enough to make a person, well, a little grumpy on occasion.

But, fear not! TpT Teacher-Authors have the answer. They are dishing up heaping serving of goodness with a side of warm cheer. Our TpT’ers have a long history of giving thanks with TpT. Here are two exceptional examples: the Home for the Holidays fundraiser and the “What We’re Thankful for” Blog Hoppin’ Linky Party. (And keep your eyes on this blog because we wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more delicious courses on their way.)

Blog Hoppin' Linky
Blog Hoppin’ Linky

Blog Hoppin’ is the happy collaborative blog of educators. If you’ve spent some time on TpT (and we like to think you have), then you’ll undoubtedly recognize some of these fine Teacher-Authors.  Well, this fine crew is cooking up a linky party this week and you’re going to want to take a look. The theme is “what we’re thankful for” and includes time-savers, helpful hints, activities, new ideas and… a substantial giveaway. Accept an invitation to the warm table at Blog Hoppin’ to get all the details.

Next up is the Home for the Holidays fundraiser. This is not one that can be taken lightly. You see, much as I wish the warm connections and countless communal benefits of TpT were enough to right every wrong out there, unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

Please read this extremely sad and touching story for yourself here on Rebecca’s Darlin’ Little Learners blog. I’m sitting here with a couple of crumpled up damp tissues, how about you?

But we have a choice here, folks. We can feel defeated and deflated when life brings situations that are so sad and unfair that it just does not seem to make any sense at all… or we can figure out a way to do something good, to help, to lend a hand. Now Shannon, this wonderful mom, is not going to have the chance to spend the countless Christmases with her beautiful family that she should by all rights enjoy. But we can help her make this one count big time. And Rebecca from the TpT store Darlin’ Little Learners has figured out a wonderful way for us to help this family. And boy do you get something great in return.

Home for the Holidays Fundraiser
Home for the Holidays Fundraiser

For $15 you get 16 holiday resources (including ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and St. Patrick’s Day) from some of TpT’s top sellers. The pack is valued at over $90, but of course, what you can give this deserving family is worth way more than that.

We’re glad you’re at our table, TpT’ers. Let’s do good things together.