I have had an overwhelming feeling lately that the world needs more kindness, love, and empathy. I was trying to think of small ways that I could make someone’s day better in the community around me. I also wanted to show my two children how easy and rewarding it can be to do something for others. Driving my daughter to preschool one morning, we passed by the dollar store. The idea came to me that it would be fun to hide dollar bills all throughout the store. I knew this was a small way that we could brighten someone’s day and the kids would have fun sneaking around the store trying to not get caught. I went to the bank and got a bunch of one dollar bills.


After preschool, we went as a family to the dollar store. I explained to my daughter what we were doing and how it might help someone smile. She instantly loved the idea and began to help me tape dollar bills throughout the store. My daughter was so excited! People began to discover them while we were in the store and it was fun to hear their surprise and delight.

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After we got home, I posted about the experience on social media with the hashtag #spreadlove. My friends and family responded to my post by sharing ideas that they had tried after seeing what my family had done. The wonderful people in my life bought food for others, donated money to charities, and hid their own dollars.


This was a wonderful experience for my family. It helped remind me that a little kindness goes a long way.


cbCassie taught 3rd grade for 5 years at a Title 1 school. She found the job rewarding and challenging as she worked hard to meet the needs of her students. She loved creating resources that promoted a deeper understanding of core concepts. After getting her Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, she found TpT and began putting her materials online. Her store, Create-Abilities, was born. Cassie has a passion for creating resources and materials that meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom, reduce teacher stress, and give them more time to do what they love: teach! Check out her Facebook and Instagram